The Atonement of Sir Lucan is a Side Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The Atonement of Sir Lucan mission is a unique mission that can be unlocked after reaching a specific level of morality or after completing certain events, and is not tied to an Act. It is located at Thistlewood Ruins. The objective is to help Sir Lucan. Completing this mission may unlock additional Events such as Retiring Vassals. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information

  • Recommended Level: 10
  • Bosses: n/a


The Atonement of Sir Lucan Map

map the atonement of sir lucan side mission arthur knights tale wiki guide 300


NPCs in the Area

  • n/a


  • n/a



Bonus Rewards:

  • 300

Building Resources

  • + 300

Recruitable Heroes



Enemy Type: Cursed Vassals



  • Notes go here

Full The Atonement of Sir Lucan Walkthrough

Side Mission Introduction

"The ruins of the St. Gileas Monastery saw the most vicious battle fought in Avalon after the Storm. Sir Lucan, the noble Christian knight lost his entire army in the skirmish. For some reason he has returned ti the old battlefield that is said to be haunted. We shall investigate the matter. We should also try to recruit tht good knight to our cause."

Side Mission Completed Description

"After the Knight of Midnight destroyed Lucan's entire army, he couldn't leave his comrades stumbling around as Lost Ones. We helped him to ease the sufferings of his vassals and now he is ready to join the Round

The Atonement of Sir Lucan Side Mission Objectives

  • Find Sir Lucan
  • Free the souls of the fallen

Events that occur during the Side Mission, The Atonement of Sir Lucan.

  • There are no events that occur during this mission

Find Sir Lucan

Start with your first battle against three deserters. There should be only three of them that ifap. Continue down the same path to locate Sir Lucan. This will immediately begin a dialogue. Approach him and finish the dialogue to gain a new objective. 

Free the Souls of the Fallen 

There are now four new objective location points found on your map . Decide where to go thenf follow the arrow. Approaching each point will initiate a new battle. 

  • Edgert, the Battle-Blessed

first the atonement of sir lucan side mission arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min

Edgart will be surrounded with his army in a location with ruined pillars and walls which can be used to position your heroes according ly so that they face a few enemeis. at atime until they are cleared and you have an opening to finish off Edgert.

  • Lord Roderic

second the atonement of sir lucan side mission arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min

Lord Roderic is surrounded with his Vassals. They will be positioned together and will give you a chance to attack those in the front line of his battalion first. Once they take their turn, they will uniformly move together to the center towards Lord Roderic which will allow you to deal attacks with multiple targets or deal attacks with a larger AoE to affect more enemies and maximize damage. If your heroes are nearby, move close to deliver melee attacks. Clear the surrounding army before focusing your attacks on Sir Roderic who will have the most HP among the group

  • Weight

Weight will be faced with only four other guardians plus a few hidden ones around the corners. One will spawn by itself off to the side. Clear the closest skirmishers. An AoE attack can also be used here while they are positioned together. Once the enemies take their turn, they may perform a dash and sloe the distance between you and them. Beware of any hidden enemies. They may spawn from behind enemy lines. Clear them and head to the last objective. 

  • Yvor & Yvar

twins the atonement of sir lucan side mission arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min

The objective point in the center will have the twins surrounded by their own set of guardians. Clear the twin closest to the group of heroes. These enemies will also aggressively approach once they take their turn so be prepared for the large group to approach together and position accordingly. It may be a good idea to send some heroes off to the side so that when they approach you will have someone behind their frontlines who can deliver attacks from another angle. 

Clearing all four of these objective battles will allow you to finish the mission. Players can loot the area before they go or face any extra unfinished battles and face brodley and his set of enemies as well. When you are done with the area, finish the mission. 

The Atonement of Sir Lucan Map

map the atonement of sir lucan side mission arthur knights tale wiki guide 1000





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