Skills in King Arthur: Knight's Tale features the various active and passive talents of the different Classes and Heroes of the game. The different skills that can be unlocked in the game, play an integral mechanic when it comes to character progression. Players can unlock skills to further strengthen and boost the combat effectiveness of a hero and each skill can be leveled up to maximize and unlock the full potential of its effects. Skills require a certain number of Skill Points to be unlocked and to be leveled up. This page covers a list of all the skills in King Arthur: Knight's Tale.



King Arthur: Knight's Tale Skills

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Skill Name SP Cost AP Cost Description
Strike n/a 3 Deals 100% damage to an adjacent enemy.
Toughness 2 n/a Restore 1 HP at the start of every turn.
Cast Stigma n/a 2 Causes 20% Vulnerability to target for 1 turn(s).
Armourer 2 n/a +25 HP from Armour type items.
Strong Willed 2 n/a +20 Mental Resistance.
DoT Resistance 2 n/a Every DoT affects the Hero for 1 less turn (cannot be reduced below 1 turn).
Robust 2 n/a Vitality is increased by 3.
Strike n/a 3 Deals 100% damage to an adjacent enemy.
Rage 2 n/a Gain +10% stackable damage for 2 turns after every kill.
Cleave n/a 3 Deals 75% damage to multiple adjacent enemies in a continuous 3 grid streak.
Power Attack n/a 4 Deals 160% damage to an adjacent enemy with +30 Armour Break.
Damage Focus 2 n/a Gain +10% damage for every unspent AP from the previous turn.
Extra Stun 2 n/a +20% efficiency for Stun and Slow effects.
Extra Bleeding 2 n/a +1 turn(s) duration for Bleeding effects.
Strength 2 n/a Deals +10% more damage.
Shoot 4 n/a Ranged attack that deals 100% damage.
Fleet Footed n/a n/a Gains 1 movement AP every turn.
Fire Bolt n/a 4 Ranged attack that deals 100% damage and causes Burning for 2 turn(s).
Cover Expert 2 n/a +10% damage dealt from cover.
Scout (Marksman) 2 n/a Discovers Hidden objects and enemies from +1 range. Gains 1 Movement AP each turn.
Adrenaline 2 n/a Gains 1 AP when killing an enemy.
Ready 2 n/a +20% Overwatch damage.
Strike (Vanguard)  2  n/a Deal 75% damage to an adjacent enemy two times. 
Hide n/a   n/a When moving on certain parts of the map or getting behind full cover, the Hero becomes hidden. Hidden heroes gain 50% damage for their next skill. Enemies detect Hidden Heroes from a 3 tiles distance, the Hero retains Hidden for 2 tiles after being detected.
Bear Trap n/a 2 Places a Hidden trap on an empty tile. Trap deals 100% damage and causes Slow for 1 turn(s). The Vanguard can have 5 active traps.
Master of Traps 2 n/a +1 range to Trap skills.
Scout (Vanguard) 2 n/a Detects enemy traps in tiles equal to the Perception stats. Gains 1 Movement AP each turn. +1 Perception
Low Profile 2 n/a Enemies prioritize any other targets in their range over the Vanguard and completely ignore the Hero farther than 6 tiles away.
Counter Attack 2 n/a The Hero responds to every frontal attack received.
Force Bolt n/a 6 Shoots an arrow of raw energy to the target, dealing 100% damage.
Magical Armour 2 n/a At the start of every encounter gain 6 Armor that will only protect you from the first hit.
Curse n/a 2 Target is Slowed for 2 turn(s).
Master of Curses 2 n/a +30% Hex Intensity.
Extra Damage 2 n/a Deals 10% more damage.
Long Reach n/a n/a Range of skills are increased by 1. +1 Spellcraft.
Master Alchemist 2 n/a Potion effects on the Arcanist increased by 25%.


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