Skills in King Arthur: Knight's Tale features the various active and passive talents of the different Classes and Heroes of the game. The different skills that can be unlocked in the game, play an integral mechanic when it comes to character progression. Players can unlock skills to further strengthen and boost the combat effectiveness of a hero and each skill can be leveled up by unlocking the related Masteries to maximize the full potential of its effects. Skills require a certain number of Skill Points to be unlocked and to be leveled up. This page covers a list of all the skills in King Arthur: Knight's Tale.

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Can I Respec my Skill Points?

There are two ways that can be done in order to respec a hero's skill points. First, is by spending gold at the Training Ground in Camelot. Just choose the hero you want to respec his/her skill points. And second, there is a consumable tome item called the Tome of Regret that resets the hero's skill points once it is consumed.


Skills in King Arthur: Knight's Tale

Skills in King Arthur: Knight's Tale are divided into two types, Active Skills and Passive Skills. Active Skills are used during Encounters that normally require a certain number of AP (Action Points) in order to execute it, while Passive Skills further boost the effects of an Active Skill, unlock permanent effects to the Hero's stats, and more. Active Skills are identified in square shapes, while Passive Skills are presented as large circles. Most Active Skills and some Passive Skills can even increase its effectiveness by unlocking its Masteries.

Each Hero starts off with a set of Tier 1 Skills and upon spending a certain amount of SP (Skill Points) will unlock more skills that can be learned under Tier 2 and Tier 3. All Skills in King Arthur: Knights Tale require 2 SP in order to learn them, regardless if it is an Active or Passive Skill, however, if a Hero has certain Traits like the Talented trait, they are able to learn new active skills by just spending 1 SP. Each Hero gains 2 SP (Skill Points) for every increase of the Hero's Character Level.



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