The Ancient Throne is a Side Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The The Ancient Throne mission is part of Act 1 and it is located at Old Monastery. The main objective is to Escort Lady Dindraine through the forest, Lady Dindraine is also a required hero for this side mission. Completing this mission unlocks the next Side Mission The Warrior Queen, as well as events such as Wandering Artisan. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information

  • Recommended Level: 5
  • Bosses: n/a


The Ancient Throne Map

[map coming soon]


NPCs in the Area

  • Hermit


  • n/a



Building Resources

  • +300

Recruitable Heroes

  • n/a



Enemy Type: Cursed Vassal



  • Notes go here

Full The Ancient Throne Walkthrough

Side Mission Introduction

"Lady Dindraine has been in search for the Holy Grail for a very long time. She claims she seees heavenly visions that guide her steps and this time she is certain that her last dream will lead her to the sacred artifact in a dangerous forest. She need some knights to accompany her. If she is right, this could be very useful for Camelot"

Side Mission Completed Description

"Lady Dindraine's search for the Holy Grail led us into a strange forest where everything became twisted like in a dream. She oculdn't find the Grail, but I think we all learned a lot about he secrets of Avalon"

The Ancient Throne Side Mission Objectives

  • Enter the first gate
  • Enter the second gate
  • Enter the third gate

Events that occur during the Side Mission, The Ancient Throne.

No events took place during the side mission.


Enter the first gate

  • Lady Dindraine must survive

As soon as you start the mission, you will have a conversation with Lady Dindraine, she briefly explains about the ancient throne, and in order to get there, you must enter the three ancient gates in proper order. Now follow the quest marker on your map to reach the first gate, it should be located at the north-east part of the map. Once you reach the area, a short dialogue with Lady Dindraine will occur, then she will proceed to chant a spell that will open the gate, but warns you that guardians will come and stop you. Interact with the portal that opened, then prepare for battle as Pict Warriors will spawn in the area. There will only be four enemies during this battle, try taking out the ranged one first, then you can proceed to take out the others fairly easily to clear the first objective. There's also a chest you can loot beside the tree in the area.

Enter the second gate

After you clear the enemies from entering the first gate, the first objective is completed, now you must find the second gate, Lady Dindraine says it's an old tree and she knows where to find it. The next gate is located at the west part of the map. Once you reach the area, Lady Dindraine will chant the same spell again, opening the gate. Enter the portal to continue. From here, a Summer Knight will spawn, this enemy will have 100 HP. It can be taken down easily since this will be the only enemy that will spawn in the area and you can focus all your heroes attacks on a single target. Once you eliminate the Summer Knight, the second objective is completed.

Enter the third gate

Now you must head for the third and final gate, Lady Dindraine explains that you should be looking for a strange rock formation for the last one. The next gate is located at the middle of the map. Once you reach the area Lady Dindraine will chant the same spell and the gate will open, enter the portal, then a Beastman will spawn in the area with 245 HP. But the HP should be of no concern, since whatever you do at this point, once you end your turn, a cutscene will occur and someone will interrupt your battle and eliminate the Beastman for you. The Hermit will then explain that the throne is just an illusion, and that time has been broken in this forest. After that short dialogue, the objective is completed. Now you can choose to either explore the area or finish the mission.


The Ancient Throne Map

Map Coming Soon





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