The Artificer is a Side Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The Artificer mission is part of Act 3 and it is located at Crystal Cave. The objective is to help the Artificer gather his magical tools. Completing this mission may unlock Events such as The Wild Hunt Approaches. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information

  • Recommended Level: 15
  • Bosses: n/a


The Artificer Map

map artificer side mission arthur knights tale wiki guide 300


NPCs in the Area

  • Spirit of the Artificer


  • n/a



Bonus Rewards:

  • High amount of experience

Building Resources

  • + 300

Recruitable Heroes

  • n/a



Enemy Type: Unseelie

  • Dawnbreaker
  • Lady of Summer
  • Springborn
  • Summer Knight



  • Notes go here

Full The Artificer Walkthrough

Side Mission Introduction

"The Seelie Artificer, who reforged the Excalibur for me, hasn't really spoken to anyone since he arrived to Camelot. But he just came to me with an offer that could be beneficial for both of us. He wants me to send knights to an Unseelie cave to collect his tools from his former smithy. It will be a dangerous task, but worth the risk. He even offered to join us on the quest."

Side Mission Completed Description

"We helped the Artificer to collect his tools in the cold, dreary crystal caves. The Seelie promised me to forge even more useful weapons and arcane trinkets for us in exchange for risking our hides for him. Hopefully he keeps his word"

The Artificer Side Mission Objectives

  • The Artificer must survive
  • Free the spirit shard from the soulmirror
  • Collect the Smelter
  • Collect the Anvil
  • Collect the Hammer

Events that occur during the Side Mission, The Artificer.

  • There are no events during this mission

Free the Spirit Shard from the Soul Mirror 

This mission begins with a soulforged Spirit of the Artificer. He will lead you to your next objective. There are some things to loot in the are before taking the passage to the next location. You objective will be marked on the map and you will be able to follow the arrows on the minimap. As you make your way towards the next location, a short scene will interrupt which will initiate the first battle. 

first artificer side mission arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min

The Unseelie in this area will be spread out which will allow you to focus your attacks on those directly in front of you as the rest make their way around the pit behind. Make sure to watch your back, keep those behind hidden as the enemies approach and clear those within range first. A number of them will have ranged attacks so clear those quickly to minimize damage intake. Clear them as they approach and clear the area to continue. 

Continue to the first objective point to meet the Artificer. New objectives will be added to the hub and the Artifiver will join your party. You will have three new markers to fulfil each new objective.

  • The Artificer must survive
  • Collect the Smelter
  • Collect the Anvil
  • Collect the Hammer

objective artificer side mission arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min

Approach the first objective, wait for the cutscene and it will end in another battle. These markers can be apporached in any order and will follow the same sequence. Allow the artificer to collect the soul fragment from his tool and wait for the set of Seelie to spawn around you. Clear them the same way. Clear all three battle locations to be able to finish the mission. 

Loot any remaining chests or explore undiscovered areas of the map such as the Burial grounds and Arcane Smithy. There will be an additional combat area northwest of the map. 

The Artificer Map

map artificer side mission arthur knights tale wiki guide 1000





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