Weapons in King Arthur: Knight's Tale is a type of equipment that is used to fight against hostile characters in the game such as Enemies and Bosses. There are various types of weapons that Heroes can use, from one-handed and two-handed melee or ranged weapons. It is important to take note that the weapons cannot be used by all heroes, but it can only be equipped by certain Classes. This page covers a list of all the weapons in King Arthur: Knight's Tale.



King Arthur: Knight's Tale Weapons

One-Handed Weapons











Two-Handed Weapons









Ranged Weapons











Weapons Comparison Table

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Weapon Name damage-weapon-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide armor-break-weapon-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide Required Class
Rune of Steel (One-Handed) 6-8 10 Defender, Vanguard, Sage
Rune of Steel (Two-Handed) 8-11 15 Champion
Rune of Destruction 5-9 30 DefenderVanguardSage
Rune of Swiftness 9-10 15 Champion
Rune of Sharpness 8-11 25 Champion
Rune of the Lost Ones 7-9 35 Champion
Rune of Culling 8-11 25 Champion
Rune of the Marksman 8-11 10 Marksman
Rune of Infliction 5-7 20 DefenderVanguardSage
Rune of Wounding 6-8 15 DefenderVanguardSage
Rune of Purity 7-9 15 DefenderVanguardSage
Rune of Breaking 4-7 30 DefenderVanguardSage
Rune of Piercing 7-9 15 Arcanist
Rune of Smite 7-11 35 Champion
Rune of Sharpness (One-Handed) 6-8 20 DefenderVanguardSage
Rune of Piercing (One-Handed) 7 5 DefenderVanguardSage
Bloodseeker Rune 6-11 25 Champion
Rune of Weal 4-11 10 DefenderVanguardSage
Earth Rune 5-11 35 Champion
Dragon Fang Rune 5-10 20 DefenderVanguardSage
Rune of the Hidden 6-10 15 Marksman
Rune of the Fomori 11-17 15 Arcansist
Rune of the Huntsman 8-12 15 Marksman
Rune of Vigilance 6-11 15 Defender, Vanguard, Sage
Rune of Anguish 5 - 9 25 Defender, Vanguard, Sage
Rune of the Lost Ones (Ranged) 8-12 10 Marksman
Wind Rune 6-10 (-1 - -1) 20 Defender, Vanguard, Sage
Rune of True Aim 7-11 20 Marksman

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