Armour in King Arthur: Knight's Tale is a type of equipment that grants defensive properties when it is equipped by a hero. It protects the character from enemy attacks and grants resistance towards status ailments. There is a variety of Armor that can be found in the game, but players will need to remember that not all armor can be equipped by a hero, but instead, it can only be equipped by certain Classes. This page covers a list of all the armour in King Arthur: Knight's Tale.

Armour Guide for King Arthur: Knight's Tale

Armour in King Arthur: Knight's Tale can be quite overwhelming at first, but with better observation and constant use of swapping and equipping the best Armour Sigil for your Heroes, you will surely get the hang of it. Here are a few tips that you need to know about Armour in the game:

  • Armour is divided into three types: Light Armour, Medium Armour, and Heavy Armour. Light Armour can only be equipped by Marksman and Arcanist Heroes, Medium Armor can only be used by Vanguard and Sage type Heroes, while Heavy Armour are for Defender and Champion Heroes only.
  • Although it doesn't mention in the game, there are four rarities of an Armour Sigil which is identified by its color: White are Starting or Default, Green are Common Sigils, Blue are Uncommon, while Gold are Rare Relic Armour Sigils.
  • White Armour Sigils are usually the starting or default gear of a Hero. It has low, base stats, and it does not have any bonus effects.
  • Green Armour Sigils which are Common, have a bit of increase in stats and it has at least one bonus effect.
  • Blue Armour Sigils that are Uncommon hold a high increase of Hit Points, Armour, and Action Points and has up to two bonus effects.
  • And Gold Armour Sigils which are Rare and considered as Relics have a greater amount of Stats compared to Blue Armour Sigils, and it has up to two unique bonus effects.


Where to Find Armour in King Arthur: Knight's Tale

How do I find or get Armour in King Arthur: Knight's Tale? It is quite simple, when you start the game, the main outlet to obtain Armour Sigils is through looting crates, chests during a Mission, and acquiring it as rewards for completing a Mission. As you progress through the game, you will need to rebuild Camelot and with enough building resources and gold, you can construct the Merchant building that allows you to purchase Armour.

Once you have the Merchant building, it is vital to remember that the Merchant's wares restock depending on the number of Missions you have completed. Normally, it will restock or change its inventory after completing 3 missions. You can also upgrade the building to increase the number of items that are sold, restock or refresh becomes more frequent, reduce the cost of buying, or even improve the quality of items that are being sold. Apart from that, you can also appoint one of your Heroes the Court Chandler title which increases the selling price of Armour Sigils you want to sell by 10%.



King Arthur: Knight's Tale All Armour Sigils


Comparison Table


Quick Search of All Armour Sigils

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Name hit points stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide 20px armor stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide 20px action points stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide 20px Required Class
Sigil of the Anvil 27 5 -1 Defender, Champion
Sigil of the Boar 15 5 0 Marksman, Arcanist
Eagle-Eyed Sigil 15 - - MarksmanArcanist
Sigil of Anger 11 2 - MarksmanArcanist
Sigil of Bolting 11 2 - MarksmanArcanist
Sigil of Curing 18 8 - MarksmanArcanist
Sigil of Fortitude 8 3 - MarksmanArcanist
Sigil of Hardiness 17 - - MarksmanArcanist
Sigil of Haste 11 2 - MarksmanArcanist
Sigil of Heart 12 1 - MarksmanArcanist
Sigil of Infusion 11 2 - MarksmanArcanist
Sigil of Rain 14 1 - MarksmanArcanist
Sigil of Respite 15 - - MarksmanArcanist
Sigil of Tanning 11 2 - MarksmanArcanist
Sigil of the Brewmaster 11 2 - MarksmanArcanist
Sigil of Vigour 15 - - MarksmanArcanist
Energizing Sigil 24 2 - Vanguard, Sage
Ironclad Sigil 19 4 - VanguardSage
Sigil of Hardiness 21 4 - VanguardSage
Sigil of Heroism 24 2 - VanguardSage
Sigil of Infusion 24 2 - VanguardSage
Sigil of Respite 19 4 - VanguardSage
Sigil of Tempering 26 2 - VanguardSage
Sigil of Vigour 24 2 - VanguardSage
Brewmaster's Sigil 38 7 -2 Defender, Champion
Energizing Sigil 27 5 -1 DefenderChampion
Heroic Sigil 38 7 -2 DefenderChampion
Ironclad Sigil 27 5 -1 DefenderChampion
Magic Resistant Sigil 38 7 -1 DefenderChampion
Rune of Tempering 42 7 -2 DefenderChampion
Sigil of Anger 38 7 -2 DefenderChampion
Sigil of Endurance 27 5 -1 DefenderChampion
Sigil of Hardiness 40 7 -2 DefenderChampion
Sigil of Heart 42 7 2 DefenderChampion
Sigil of Infusion 38 7 -2 DefenderChampion
Sigil of Tempering 30 5 -1 DefenderChampion
Sigil of the Lost Ones 32 4 -1 DefenderChampion
Sigil of the Ox 22 6 -1 DefenderChampion
Wrathful Sigil 27 5 -1 DefenderChampion
Brewmaster's Sigil of First Aid 13 2 - MarksmanArcanist
Hasty Sigil of Hardiness 20 - - MarksmanArcanist
Rejuvenating Sigil of Armour 13 3 - MarksmanArcanist
Sigil of Ardor 12 2 - MarksmanArcanist
Sigil of Lasting 17 1 - MarksmanArcanist
Curing Sigil of Frenzy 22 5 - Vanguard, Sage
Ironclad Sigil of Aggression 22 5 - Vanguard, Sage
Agile Sigil of Hardiness 47 8 -2 Defender, Champion
Angering Sigil of Readiness 31 6 -1 DefenderChampion
Composed Sigil of Vigour 44 8 -2 DefenderChampion
Infused Sigil of Armoursmith 31 6 -1 DefenderChampion
Obsidian Sigil 42 8 -2 DefenderChampion
Rejuvenating Sigil of Mending 44 8 -2 DefenderChampion
Sigil of Divine Ardor 24 7 -1 DefenderChampion
Sigil of Fortitude 38 9 -2 DefenderChampion
Sigil of Protection 27 6 -1 DefenderChampion
Sigil of Storms 33 6 -1 DefenderChampion
Sigil of Swiftness 59 11 -2 DefenderChampion
Sigil of Unbleeding 30 6 -1 DefenderChampion
Wrathful Sigil of Fury 31 6 -1 DefenderChampion
Restful Sigil of Evasion 20 - - Marksman, Arcanist
Enduring Sigil of Recklessness 25 5 - Vanguard, Sage
Dragonscale Sigil 52 9 -3 DefenderChampion
Heroic Sigil of Development 49 9 -2 DefenderChampion
Resting Sigil of Ferocity 35 7 -1 DefenderChampion
Shatterproof Sigil of the Guardian 49 9 -2 DefenderChampion
Sigil of Camulos 38 9 -2 DefenderChampion

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