Trinkets in King Arthur: Knight's Tale, are accessories equipped by the playable characters or Heroes. In King Arthur: Knight's Tale, heroes can equip up to two Trinkets, and each piece of accessory provides buffs and effects when it is worn. There are many trinkets that can be obtained through looting, crafting, or by acquiring them as a reward, but it is important to take note that each piece of accessory can only be equipped by certain Classes. This page covers a list of all the Trinkets found in King Arthur: Knight's Tale.

Trinkets Guide for King Arthur: Knight's Tale

There are quite a lot of Trinkets that are available in the game which are mainly used by your Heroes to improve their Vitality and to acquire bonus effects. Although it doesn't mention or provide you with a guide on how Trinkets work, here are a few tips you should remember in order to better understand how Trinkets work in the game:

  • Similar to Weapons and Armour, there are seven categories of Trinkets that can either (1) be used by all Classes, and (2), can only be used by a specific Class. Accessory and Jewelry Trinkets are the most common Trinkets you will come across which can be used by any class, Lucky Charm Trinkets are for Marksman Heroes, Provisions are mainly used by the Vanguard class, Artifacts are for the Arcanist, Oathstones can only be used by the Defender class, and Trophy Trinkets are for Champion heroes.
  • There are three rarities of Trinkets that are identified by color: Green are Common Trinkets, Blue are Uncommon, and Gold are Rare Relic Trinkets.
  • Green Trinkets which are Common, have a bit of increase in stats and it has at least one bonus effect.
  • Blue Trinkets that are Uncommon hold a high increase of Hit Points, Armour, and Action Points and has up to two bonus effects.
  • Gold Trinkets which are Rare and considered as Relics have a greater amount of Stats compared to Blue Armour Sigils, and it has up to two unique bonus effects.


How do I find Trinkets in King Arthur: Knight's Tale

How do I find or get Trinkets in King Arthur: Knight's Tale? It is quite simple, when you start the game, the main outlet to obtain Trinkets is through looting crates, chests during a Mission, and acquiring it as rewards for completing a Mission. As you progress through the game, you will need to rebuild Camelot and with enough building resources and gold, you can construct the Merchant building that allows you to purchase Trinkets, Weapons, and Armour.

Once you have the Merchant building, it is vital to remember that the Merchant's wares restock depending on the number of Missions you have completed. Normally, it will restock or change its inventory after completing 3 missions. You can also upgrade the building to increase the number of items that are sold, restock or refresh becomes more frequent, reduce the cost of buying, or even improve the quality of items that are being sold. Apart from that, you can also appoint one of your Heroes the Court Chandler title which increases the selling price of the items you want to sell by 10%.



King Arthur: Knight's Tale All Trinkets


Comparison Table


Quick Search of All Armour Sigils

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Name vitality stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide 20px Required Class
Belt 8 Any Class
Belt of Endurance 8 Any Class
Belt of Hardiness 8 Any Class
Heroic Belt 8 Any Class
Merchant's Belt 8 Any Class
Warlord's Belt 8 Any Class
Armoured Belt of Mending 9 Any Class
Infernal Belt of Precision 9 Any Class
Tenacious Belt of Haste 9 Any Class
Charring Ring 4 Any Class
Infernal Ring 4 Any Class
Resistant Ring 6 Any Class
Ring of Bolting 4 Any Class
Ring of Strength 4 Any Class
Ring of Swiftness 4 Any Class
Hasty Ring of Leadership 5 Any Class
Lucky Ring of Armour 6 Any Class
Protector's Ring of Shield Breaking 5 Any Class
Sturdy Ring of Vigour 10 Any Class
Powerful Ring of the Vanguard 5 Any Class
Blazing Lucky Charm 8 Marksman
Charring Lucky Charm 8 Marksman
Lucky Charm of Sickness 8 Marksman
Watchmen's Coin 5 Marksman
Amulet of Epona 7 Marksman
Coin of the Quick 7 Marksman
Marksman's Lucky Charm of Short Range 9 Marksman
Piercing Lucky Charm of Shield Breaking 9 Marksman
Scout's Coin 6 Marksman
Fire Talisman 6 Marksman
Provision of Backstabbing 8 Vanguard
Trapper's Provision 8 Vanguard
Skulldigger's Provision of Lurking 9 Vanguard
Swift Provision of Kinesis 9 Vanguard
Impaling Provision of Resourcefulness 10 Vanguard
Artifact of Blinking 11 Arcanist
Artifact of Bolting 8 Arcanist
Artifact of Gouging 8 Arcanist
Artifact of Steel Plates 8 Arcanist
Baleful Artifact 8 Arcanist
Hexmaster's Artifact 8 Arcanist
Energizing Parchment 8 Defender
Parchment of Heroism 8 Defender
Parchment of Infusion 8 Defender
Scroll of Potions 5 Defender
Scroll of Victory 5 Defender
Brewmaster's Parchment of Sturdiness 9 Defender
Hardy Parchment of Shielding 9 Defender
Scroll of Benediction 4 Defender
Steel-Plated Parchment of the Projectileproof 9 Defender
Hunter's Trophy 5 Champion
Sentinel's Trophy 8 Champion
Trophy of Bloodletting 8 Champion
Trophy of Endurance 8 Champion
Trophy of Frenzy 5 Champion
Trophy of Rage 8 Champion
Trophy of Strength 8 Champion
War Trophy 5 Champion
Angering Trophy of Fury 9 Champion
Champion's Trophy 6 Champion
Powerful Trophy of Leeching 9 Champion
Cleaving Trophy of the Berserker 10 Champion
Trophy of Obsession 5 Champion
Trophy of Wounding 6 Champion
Vanguard's Trophy of Recklessness 10 Champion

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