The Knight of Thorns is a Side Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The The Knight of Thorns mission is part of Act 2 and it is located at Bone Valley. The main objective of this side mission is to find Sir Brunor le Noir and help him get his revenge. Completing this mission unlocks the next Side Mission The Rite of the Ones Beneath, as well as Events such as Beast of the Waxing Moon. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information

  • Recommended Level: 7
  • Bosses: n/a


The Knight of Thorns Map

[map coming soon]


NPCs in the Area

  • Brother Gastan
  • Gareth


  • n/a



Bonus Rewards:

  • Recruitable hero

Building Resources

  • +300

Recruitable Heroes



Enemy Type: Cursed Vassal, Brigand



  • Notes go here

Full The Knight of Thorns Walkthrough

Side Mission Introduction

"Avalon has never been a peaceful place, but since the Storm, it's been crawling with outlaws. Rumors are spreading about a fearsome, black-armored knight hunting down the marauders around Camelot. This "Knight of Thorns" - named after his sinister coat of arms - is seeking vengeance for his father, often facing impossible ends. He could be a useful addition to my Round Table, even if the tales about his cruelty prove to be true."

Side Mission Completed Description

"I've followed Sir Brunor le Noir on his bloodthirsty quest to avenge his father. Sir Brunor's thirst for vengeance surpasses the fierceness of most knights of the Round Table, but the wicked Sir Carac deserved what he got."

The Knight of Thorns Side Mission Objectives

  • Find the mysterious Knight of the Thorns
  • Hunt down the renegade vassals
  • Find a key to the closed door
  • Help Sir Brunor to fulfil his revenge

Events that occur during the Side Mission, The Knight of Thorns.

Sir Brunor's Revenge: Sir Brunor finally stands in front of his father's murderer, with his blade ready to strike at any moment.

  • rightul morality personality king arthur knights tale wiki guide 136px (+1 Rightful) My knights spilled enough blood for your revenge. A duel sounds appropriate.
  • tyrant morality personality king arthur knights tale wiki guide 136px (+1 Tyrant) Very well. But you owe me and Camelot, Sir Brunor.

Find the mysterious Knight of the Thorns

  • Sir Brunor le Noir must survive

Once you start the mission, head straight and turn left at the first corner, you'll encounter Sir Brunor le Noir in the middle of a battle, help him out in eliminating the enemies in the area. The enemies are composed of Manhunters, Bandits, and Highwaymen. Once you've cleared the area, Sir Brunor thanks you for your help and introduces himself as the Knight of the Thorns. After his introduction and the short dialogue, Sir Brunor temporarily joins your party.

Hunt down the renegade vassals

Three quest markers will appear on your map, one at the north part of the map, one at the east side, and one south-east of the map. Proceeding to go through the north one first, you will encounter a priest with other civilians in the room, the priest introduces himself as Brother Gastan, and says he previously served Sir Cador, the ruler of this land, as a priest and councilor.. He also tells you about Sir Carac leading the brigands. After your conversation with the priest, you can now leave the area.

Now make your way back and head to the quest marker located at the east side, once you reach the area, a soldier named Gareth tells his men to keep you busy as he will warn Sir Carac. Then the battle will begin shortly after. The enemies in the area are composed of Man-at-Arms, Shieldguards, Highwayman,  and Crossbowmen. If you can, prioritize taking out the ranged enemies first, you should have a ranged Hero in the party as well to make things a bit easier. then tank the melee enemies once they close in. After taking down a few of them, more of them will start closing in from the north-west side of the room. This fight might take a while but once you clear out the room, head north then turn right, there's a campfire inside the room on the right where you can rest if needed.

Make your way to the last quest marker located south-east of the map. Once the solders spot you on the hallway, they will enter the room on the left and lock the door.

Find a key to the closed door

Now you'd need to find a way to get in the closed door, two quest markers will now appear on your map, the first one is just down south, you can head there straight away from your current position, and there's the second one located at the west side of the map. If you enter the area adjacent to the room that was closed, you will encounter another battle.

  • Destroy the attackers (Wave 2/2)

There will be a lot of enemies in this encounter and you need to survive 2 waves of this battle. It's recommended that you start off with setting traps and using skills that buffs your heroes as well as skills that deal AoE damage to take advantage of your first turn. Provide cover by using your ranged heroes in dealing damage against the Crossbowmen, while simultaneously tanking the melee enemies in range.

Once you survive the encounter, take a right at the next corner and an NPC in the corner, and it turns out the be Sir Carac's son. Sir Brunor wants to use the boy as hostage to open the locked door. There's also a chest inside the room on your right. Now you can now go back to the previous area where the locked door is located, a new quest marker will be indicated on your map.

Help Sir Brunor to fulfill his revenge

Make your way back to where the locked door is located, once you reach the door, a short dialogue with Sir Brunor and Sir Carac will occur stating that if Sir Carac refuses to open the door, Sir Brunor will kill his son. Sir Carac opens the door and lets Sir Brunor, as well as the rest of the knights inside the room.

Sir Brunor and Sir Carac will have a short conversation where an event will occur, where both choices will lead you to engaging battle with Sir Carac, the only difference is with the Rightful approach, Sir Brunor will have a one-on-one duel with Sir Carac, and the Tyrant approach will have the whole Knights battle Sir Carac along with his men inside the room.

Choosing to duel Sir Carac is the easier choice, considering Sir Brunor's vitality and armour is still high, you will have an easy chance of eliminating Sir Carac and finishing the mission faster this way.

If you choose to battle Sir Carac and the rest of the enemies in the room, it would be most likely similar to every battle encounter you've had. There's no different outcome regardless of your choice, but completing either choices, as long as Sir Brunor is alive at the end, you can finish the mission and he will join the Round Table.

The Knight of Thorns Map

Map Coming Soon





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