New Game Plus for King Arthur: Knight's Tale contains information regarding the following assets and features that can be brought into playing another playthrough after finishing the game for the first time. Players will see some differences with the initial playthrough, and get to carry over certain progress.



King Arthur: Knight's Tale NG+

Victory! victory even if it opens up an entire world of new troubles. King Arthur's last fragment is no more, but the true battle for Avalon has just begun, as Balor the ancient Fomorian god is returning from the void os the king and defender of Avalon, I alone stand between him and victory. 

The story of Sir Mordred and King Arthur is over for now, but new missions are awaiting you in the Endgame. Defeating Balor will be the final challenge of the game, but beware: you need your strongest knights and equipment to succeed!


What occurs in New Game+?

There are no further missions available in new game plus aside from the endgame Missions that become available after completing The Reckoning. During this phase, all items players have collected so far will carry over to all new Side Missions.


Other features to explore after Endgame

Players can also engage in online PvP matches. These are custom matches, that can be initiated anytime on the main menu. Create your preferred Hero party or choose from premade parties of 4 then select a location to match with other players online or with your friends on steam.


What happens after completing all four Acts of King Arthur?

Upon completion of King Arthur, a number of endgame Side missions are unlocked that extend beyond Act 4. Some of these missions must be completed in order to unlock others. The Following are the new missions and their corresponding recommended level.

  • Infernal Triumvirate (21)
  • Forest of the Fallen (21)
  • Forsaken Cathedral (21)
  • Woodland Vermin (21)
  • Besieged by the Undead (21)
  • Cult of Midnight (22)
  • Pillagers (22)
  • The Raid (22)
  • The Cleansing (22)
  • The Traitor (22)
  • The Returned (22)
  • Keep of the Damned (23)
  • The Grovekeeper's Plea (23)
  • Three Sisters (23)
  • Beyond the Veil (24)
  • The Fomordian Menace (24)
  • Infernal Trum
  • The Fomorian King (26)
  • The Great Worm (27)
  • The Dark God (28)

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