The Chosen is a Side Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The Chosen mission is part of Act 2 and it is located at Unholy Circle. Players must help the druid against the Pics defiling the sacred land. Completing this mission unlocks the next Side Mission The Horn of the Dauntless, as well as Events such as New Beginning and Blood Money. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information

  • Recommended Level: 8
  • Bosses: n/a


The Chosen Map

[map coming soon]


NPCs in the Area

  • Cynylf


  • n/a



Bonus Reward:

  • Resource reward

Building Resources

  • +600

Recruitable Heroes

  • n/a



Enemy Type: Pict



  • Notes go here

Full The Chosen Walkthrough

Side Mission Introduction

"My Knights reduced an exhausted wanderer in the emptiness of the Wasteland, who told them about a hidden valley nearby, which the druids of the Old Faith held sacred. However, something defiled the place and only a lonely druis is keeping up the fight aginst an army of savages. It could be worth helping them out. He might share some secrets with us in return."

Side Mission Completed Description

"We have found the lonely druid who kept up a desperate fight against the Picts. The hidden valley turned out to be a special place, where the spirits of the ancient dragons suffered from the savage magic of the intruders. We helped the druid to complete his ritual and save the spirits."

The Chosen Side Mission Objectives

  • Free the captive
  • Destroy the altar

Events that occur during the Side Mission, The Chosen.

Cynylf's Fate: Cynylf wants to sacrifice himself for the ritual to be completed, so that the Chosen cannot be created anymore.

  • Then the ritual remains undone. I refuse to kill you!1
  • old faith morality personality king arthur knights tale wiki guide 136px (+1 Old Faith) The old ways shall be honored. I do as you ask.

Free the captive

  • Cynylf must survive

Upon starting the mission, a druid named Cynylf introduces himself and welcomes you, he says that the Great Serpents foretold your coming. He asks for your help as the Fisher King's curse has ravaged the lands and the painted savages came and slaughtered every single druid except for him, for now, he wants you to free his companion who was just captured by the Picts. Cynylf will then temporarily join your party after the conversation.

A quest marker located at the south-east corner will appear on the map, indicating the location of Cynylf's companion. As you make your way down the road, Cynylf will point out the Wolfstone, where he explains that the Pict shamans defiled the valley with these rocks so they could steal the serpent magic. Now purple markers will appear on your map indicating the locations of the Wolven Stones.

  • Desecrate the Wolven Stones
  • Kill the enemies before reinforcement arrives (3 turns)
  • Slay the Pict Chosens (3/3)

Continue following the path and you will encounter your first battle. The enemies in the area are composed of a Chosen Champion, a Moon-Woman, two Pict Warriors and a Painted Bowman. You have 3 turns to eliminate all of the enemies in the area before they call for reinforcements. You may be able to eliminate all the enemies in just two turns, depending on your heroes' skill, it's recommended you perform your hardest-hitting move at the start to take advantage of your first turn. Once you eliminate the enemies, you will have slain your first Pict Chosen, now you'd need to eliminate two more. Two more queset markers will appear on the map indicating the location of the other Pict Chosens.

Now head through the path where it leads to the south-east corner quest marker, you will encounter another battle there where the enemies are composed of Pict Warriors, Painted Bowmen and a Moon-Woman. There will be quite a number of them but considering their HP, this fight should be quite easy. After clearing the enemies, you will have saved Cynylf's companion named Uthenn. Cynylf explains that Uthenn cannot speak for he has no tongue, that his family was sacrificed by the Picts for the dark Gods, and now he is seeking solace and revenge. He elso explains his plans to steal the power of the altar and take it back to the spirit world, where Uthenn will take part in aiding him to complete the ritual, and your duty is to make sure they survive long enough to render the two altars useless so that no more Chosen are created.

Destroy the altar

As you make your way back, you will encounter a Chosen Champion roaming the area, this is your chance to slay another Pict Chosen, but you'd have to eliminate the champion within three turns before it calls for reinforcements. After eliminating the Chosen Champion, a Wolven Stone can be seen on your right with a yellow exclamation point indication, interact with it to desecrate the stone.

You will encounter another Wolven Stone in the middle of the map where a campfire is nearby.

There's another Wolven Stone just south of the previous location, but a Burrowqueen and four Worms of the Deep will spawn in the area. Defeat these creatures to continue. You can then loot the chest just behind the corpse of the Burrowqueen, then proceed in desecrating the Wolven Stone in the area.

A quest marker will also appear on the west side of the map, you will find the first altar there. Cynylf explains this is where the Pict shamans tap into the old serpent magic to create the Chosen warriors, and that a sacrifice must happen for the ritual to work, and that was what Uthenn was here for. Cynylf proceeds in ending Uthenn's life for the ritual. A group of Picts will then ambush you and this will initiate a battle. The enemies are positioned on your heroes' lower left and right side. Try using AoE skills while they're grouped together from afar and pick out the ranged enemies with the support of your ranged heroes, then finish them off with your melee heroes as they close in. After clearing the area, you can now head over to the quest marker located at the north part of the map.

You will spot another Wolven Stone along with a Chosen Champion in the middle of a fight amongst other enemies. Finish off the enemies in the area an proceed in desecrating the Wolven Stone. Cynylf will then point out that it was the last of the Wolfstones and that the Pict shamans are now greatly weakened.

You can now make your way to the last quest marker located at the north-west corner of the map. Along the way you will spot the second altar, guarded by the Picts. This will then initiate battle. Once you've defeated the enemies in the area, Cynylf will say that he will sacrifice himself for the ritual. An event will then trigger from this dialogue, your first option would be to go against his sacrifice and that you refuse to kill him so that the ritual remains undone, your second option will have an effect on your Old Faith morality, that's if you wish to proceed with the sacrifice. As you choose to proceed with the ritual;, you strike your blade towards Cynylf, then the mission is over. You can then either proceed with finishing the mission or continue exploring the area.


The Chosen Map

Map Coming Soon





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