Lightless Ruins

Mission Type Early Access
Location Bleeding Cross Monastery
Boss Banshee
Prev. Mission: Forest of the Fallen
Next Mission: Forsaken Cathedral

Lightless Ruins is a Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale, this mission tasks players to defeat a banshee in the catacombs. Missions are various tasks that a player can acquire and enlist throughout the game, missions are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. Completing a quest also grants various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey.


The ligjhtless depths of Avalon this hide creatures that will test the wandering knights, just like the forest of this accursed island. But sometimes you will also find strange, forgotten catacombs down there, guarded by deathless monsters. It really makes you wonder - how ancient is the Lady of the Lake, anyway? How long has she been ruling over Avalon?


Lightless Ruins Recruitable Heroes


Lightless Ruins Rewards

  • Sigil of Heart
  • Rune of Vengeance
  • Sigil of Ardor
  • Sigil of the Bear
  • 632 Gold
  • 250 Builing Resources


Lightless Ruins Objectives

  1. Destroy the Lord of the Catacombs!
  2. Aid Sir Ector.
  3. Stop the dark conjuring.


Lightless Ruins Enemies

  1. Lost Squire
  2. Undead


Lightless Ruins Map



Lightless Ruins Walkthrough


The objective of this mission is at the far east side of the map, there are 2 resting areas that can be found, 4 loot chests, 1 shrine, and four secondary enemy units that can be encountered, apart from that, you can also find Sir Ector here and recruit him if you help him and if he doesn't die.  Make sure you have Marksman heroes in your party so that you can easily take out enemies here. At the starting point, go straight a bit and then check the right side before reaching a shrine to find a body that you can loot.


When you reach the shrine, go east first, and then east again where you'll be ambushed by the undead (See map above for reference). There's a lot of enemies such as the undead and The Lost that you'll encounter in every battle you trigger so you may want to recruit Sir Ector and have him join the party so that there are five units in your party for this mission.


Once you've cleared the ambush site, keep going east, up the stairs, and towards a room where you'll find Sir Ector. Clearly, he is trying to test his skills and challenging the enemies here, but you need to help him and make sure he doesn't die if you want him to permanently join your party later on. There are five enemy units here and all of them have the ability to reanimate after a number of turns when their vitality reaches 0.

You won't be able to take control of Sir Ector first, so prioritize taking out the archers here first and have your melee units go near Sir Ector to protect him. Use Overwatch so that you can trigger a free attack if they walk on the selected area - after clearing the area, speak to Sir Ector and use the nearby resting area to replenish any lost Armour or Hit Points


Now, go back outside and head towards the ambush site and then the area where the shrine was. This time, keep going straight and you'll be ambushed by another group of enemies. Clear the area and keep going straight to find another loot chest.


Go east towards a large room where you'll find another group of enemies with a conjuring circle in the middle. You have five turns to try and kill the five sacrifices before it summons a Banshee. If you have two Marksman units in your party such as Sir Yvain and Lady Dindraine, it's possible to stop the ritual. But if you won't make it in time, then the best solution is to take out The Lost and thin out their numbers.


You don't need to worry about the ones in the circle since they'll immediately die once they summon the Banshee. If the Banshee does appear, take her out immediately, she can reanimate any of The Lost that still has their body on the battlefield and she can release a scream that can inflict curse and reduce your Action Points.

Upon clearing the area, loot the chest that's in the ritual room, and before you proceed east towards the main objective, you may want to retrace your steps and go back to the first enemy unit that you fought before reaching Sir Ector and use another bonfire to rest and replenish your party's missing Armour or Hit Points.


If you did go back and used the bonfire, keep going east until you reach the main objective. You'll fight more enemy units here and another Banshee. Deploy your heroes first on the green area before starting the battle. If you can take out the Banshee first, do it, so you can stop it from reanimating the dead and from inflicting a curse on your party.


Clear all the enemies and loot the nearby chest in this section. But before you leave, go west and walk through the corridor, you'll see a dead body that you can loot to find gold. This completes and clears out the mission, choose Finish Mission to leave and to receive your rewards.


Lightless Ruins Notes & Tips

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