The Return is a Side Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The The Return mission is part of Act 1 and it is located at Whispering Cove. The main objective of this mission is to defeat the undead menace. Completing this mission unlocks Events such as the Trial of the Castellan. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information


The Return Map

[map coming soon]


NPCs in the Area

  • Guard


  • n/a



Bonus Rewards:

  • Increased chance to Relic loot
  • Gold reward

Building Resources

  • +300

Recruitable Heroes

  • n/a



Enemy Type: The Lost



  • Notes go here

Full The Return Walkthrough

Side Mission Introduction

"Strange rumors surround the Bogs about murderous ghosts and strange lights and a knight who is neither alive nor dead. In other words, it could be an average swamp in Avalon, but this feels like something I need to investigate, since I've heard that for some reason the swap also attracted the interest of Sir Balin the Savage."

Side Mission Completed Description

"Sir Tewelyn, the Lost Knight has returned. Death turned this once noble knight into a desperate, wicked undead who wanted to rule Camelot by raising an army of the dead. We have managed to foil his plans, but we might hear from him again one day."

The Return Side Mission Objectives

  • Kill Sir Tewelyn
  • Find the friar
  • Protect the friar (Wave x3)
  • Destroy the idols
  • Find all hidden objects (x3)
  • Defeat the Banshee (after finding all hidden objects)


Events that occur during the Side Mission, The Return.

No events took place during the side mission.


Kill Sir Tewelyn

Once you start the mission, walk forward and you will encounter an injured guard in the area. He will ask for help and explains how he ended up there. He says that they heard Sir Tewelyn was seen wandering around this swamp and they wanted to take a look, he says that he also escorted Friar Brian to this place, then they were suddenly surrounded by the living dead. Now you'll have the option to heal this guard or give him a swift death. The end of your conversation will give you two further objectives.

Your objective will be marked on your map and the direction will be marked on your minimap as well. Follow the marker to arrive at your objective within the ruins and you will come across Firar Brian.

There will be three waves of attacks, You will be up against Lost Squire, Lost Commoner. Position your Heroes around the Friar. When the enemies take their turn, they will approach. If your enemies get close enough, your Ally, the Friar will also be able to take a turn and deal al few attacks of his own. Keep an eye on the Lost Knight in the area and clear the battle to continue. Completing the battle will take you into a dialogue with Friar Brian and you could request for him o join you. When you finish the dialogue, loot the chests just outside the ruin walls. There will also be a shrine in the area. It will be visible on your minimap.

The quest marker will now appear at the south part of the map, head there and you will finally encounter Sir Tewelyn. You will have a short conversation with him before you engage in battle. There will be other Lost enemies around the area surrounding you during this encounter, it is best to take out the archers with your ranged heroes as quickly as possible as they will become a hindrance the longer the battle goes on. Clear the area to finish the mission. You can then choose to explore the area or finish the mission.



The Return Map

Map Coming Soon





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