Patch Notes for King Arthur: Knight's Tale features an overview of all the patches released by game developer and publisher NeocoreGames. The following patches are free and are released online for PC, PlayStation®5, and the Xbox Series X - the following patch notes added to the game focus on improving game balance, performance, and localization issues.


King Arthur: Knight's Tale Patch Notes

Patch Notes - Patch v0.1.0 | December 16

Updates to King Arthur: Knight's Tale will be released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.


  • The first iteration of the PvP is here! A new 'Multiplayer' section has been added to the Main Menu. Clicking on the tab will display the Match list where you can search for a PVP match or create one yourself. Besides, you can also invite your friend directly from your Steam Friends list to have a good clash
  • There are 4 pre-made parties and any of them can be picked but there is also a draft option which allows both players to choose 4 Heroes from the PvP Hero pool. All Heroes possess higher tier skills which are not yet available in the story campaign due to the level limitation
  • The PvP Hero pool introduces new Heroes of the Arthurian legends whose appearance are yet to be seen in the campaign
  • Setting a 60 seconds or 120 seconds long turn limit is optional if you are in for a decisive, quick fight. Whether you play a Ranked match or not is up to your choice as well
  • A small chat window has been added where you can discuss the terms with your challenger
  • You can choose from 3 layouts - Catacombs, Forest, Maze

New role of the Enchanted Tower

  • Instead of removing Curses from Heroes, the Tower will serve as a Relic shop from now on. You will be able to salvage Relic items and in exchange you will be provided Relic Dust which can be turned in for rare, special Relic items
  • These Relics will have higher Base stats and stronger enchants compared to the ones acquired from missions, however, all of them will have a level requirement as well. Some items can even grant you active skills. Overall, they will be much more build or Hero-specific items
  • Similarly to the Merchant, the supply of the Relic shop will refresh after a few missions' time
  • In order to obtain an item from the shop you will need to salvage around 5-6 looted Relic items

Building Titles

  • Heroes under your banner can be promoted to be masters of a given building in Camelot. Doing so will grant you a permanent bonus until you remove the Hero. Some Heroes will be more suited to take up the role due to their special Traits so make sure you exploit this advantage.
  • Characters granted with a Building Title will be disqualified to hold on to any other Court Title


  • The Adventure Map and Camelot got a shiny graphical rework
  • New battle and exploration music tracks have been added
  • The Tutorials section can now be accessed from the Exit menu as well by clicking on the Journal tab
  • For players who prefer to have a static (non-rotating) minimap, there is a gameplay setting now to lock it
  • Navigating on the Adventure Map became easier now as you can use the scroll wheel to zoom out for a better overview on the whole map
  • Clicking on the 'Finish mission' tab will now open a confirmation window if there is still a found but unopened chest in that mission
  • The Overwatch ability received a hotkey, 'O'
  • Added a Free Targeting Preview option which shows the targeting preview for ranged attacks after movement even if the Hero doesn't have enough Action Points to attack after making the move. The preview can be activated with the 'F' hotkey
  • Already existing hotkeys have been added under the Controls tab related to movement and rotation
  • A keybind reset option has been added under the Controls tab
  • The Exit menu can now be opened with the ESC too during Deploy mode
  • From now on, the value of Armour Breaking will be displayed in percentage under the Battle Stats
  • The descriptions of existing skills and item enchants have been reviewed. Various grammatical errors have been removed, the descriptions are more consistent and more comprehensible now. Several game terminology received color coding and icons
  • The Heroes' positions in the party formation can now be changed by dragging their portraits above or below other Heroes. A new Tutorial has also been added to explain the newest mechanism
  • The received Injuries will be listed on the Mission result window from now on
  • From now on, you can select a Hero in the portrait section too with skills which can be applied onto party members
  • Several skills' value scale with the level of the Hero now. The changes are reflected in the corresponding skills' descriptions as well
  • From now on, the Hide skill of the Vanguard will be disabled if there is no other Hero visible for the enemy units to target
  • A new debuff "Blind" has been added: The target has an 80% chance to miss their attacks. Physical Resistance decreases this penalty.
  • A new Injury "Double Vision" has been added: 25% miss chance for the injured Hero
  • A new Injury "Suffocation" has been added: Healing potions cannot be used by the injured Hero
  • A new Injury "Blindness" has been added: the Injured Hero loses 1 AP after every turn in combat. Maximum 50% of the total Action Points can be lost in a single encounter
  • A new Trait 'Defender of the Bridge' has been granted to both Sir Balin and Sir Balan
  • By unlocking a Hero on the Morality chart a new mission will appear in which we will be able to recruit the unlocked Hero
  • From now on, if an active skill applies a debuff, the debuff's description is displayed in the skill's tooltip as well
  • From now on, a Hero's orientation cannot be altered if they are afflicted by a stun debuff
  • Inflicting a knockdown on an already knocked down enemy will knockback the unit
  • If a unit has at least 50% resistance against knockdown, they will get only knocked back
  • From now on, if multiple buffs of the same type have been applied to a Hero/unit, the duration of the longest one's effect is displayed
  • After falling into reanimation state, all buffs and debuffs will drop drown from Lost enemy units
  • The overwatched area has been increased for Melee Heroes and enemy units take the overwatched areas into account now before they make their move
  • Now overwatch is triggered whenever a unit starts moving, not when arriving onto a grid or casting a spell which was the previous behavior
  • The purchasable items' prices at the Merchant vary to a certain degree now as items with more valuable enchants will cost more
  • If a third, allied party is present in combat and has skills which can buff our Heroes, they will apply those buffs on the characters now
  • From now on, if a third party is involved in a fight, they can also trigger dormant Lost units, not just our Heroes
  • When an Encounter begins the minimap now zooms in and displays only the Battle Arena
  • From now on, more missions can appear on the same POI
  • From now on, events can also appear on a POI and the decision of the outcome can be postponed, they no longer require your immediate attention
  • Every icon on the minimap received a tooltip
  • The Arcanist's curses have been renamed to hexes
  • The Champion's Rage skill received a buff icon
  • The new mission notifications will now pop up only if we leave Camelot
  • Controller: Scrolling with the controller is more smooth now


Vitality, HP and Armour Breaking
  • Heroes no longer have base HP, only Armour or enchants/skills/building upgrades can grant them HP now. With the removal of the base HP, all Heroes' Vitality was increased
    • Developer comment: According to the previous mechanism if a Hero lost all its HP, they were in big trouble and stronger enemy units could easily inflict a devastating blow on them. Now, the HP serves as a thin defensive layer while Vitality is a bigger life pool that cannot be one-shot and the player is not forced into a dire situation right away. As a consequence of these changes, the role of the Armour got more important and Ranged Heroes cannot move as recklessly as before either which made the Melee-Ranged meta more balanced
  • The values of Armour Breaking have been halved proportionately for both the various weapons of our Heroes and for the enemy units too. As a result, there will be less HP loss for our Heroes but the enemies' defenses became more sturdy as well
New and reworked building upgrades
  • All buildings in Camelot received new upgrade options or had some of their existing ones reworked and their relation network has been changed as well to provide a better progression
  • Building resource costs were removed for various upgrades but consequently their gold cost was increased. Additionally, some upgrades' gold cost was removed and replaced by Morality points
The Round Table
  • The Court Titles upgrade has been renamed to Famous Titles: Court Titles grant +1 Loyalty
  • New: Tough Body: Every current and prospective Hero gains +1 Injury Token
  • New: Liquid Power: Using Potions cost no AP during encounters
  • The Herbalist upgrade now prolongs the effects of potions by 1 round during encounters
  • Regain Vitality has been renamed to Life Elixir: the upgrade now heals a portion of your Hero's Vitality upon treating their injuries
  • New: Apprentice Herbalist: +2 permanent Vitality for every current and prospective Hero
  • New: Master Herbalist: it grants +4 permanent Vitality for every current and prospective Hero
  • New: Regain Vitality: Heroes returning from mission heal 5% Vitality
  • New: Armoursmith: Every current and prospective Hero gets an extra Armour
  • New: Master Blacksmith: Every current and prospective Hero gets an additional extra Armour
Training Ground
  • The Training Ground received a new function: from now on Heroes can reset their skill points in exchange for gold. The process will take one mission's time and the Heroes cannot be taken into missions until then
  • New: Basic Physical Training: +2 permanent HP for every current and prospective Hero
  • New: Advanced Physical Training: +4 permanent HP for every current and prospective Hero
Enchanted Tower
  • New: Conjurer: scroll effects last +1 round during encounters
  • New: Newcomer Vendors: increases the number of items in the offer after the next restock
  • New: Caravan: the offer the Relic shop refreshes more frequently
  • The Magic Circles upgrade now resets the cost of Action Points (AP) of all Scrolls to zero
  • The Ancient Method upgrade now increases the gained Relic Dust by 10% from Sacrificed items
New/rebalanced Hero and enemy skills
  • All existing Heroes had some of their skills replaced with new ones or their number of abilities increased in order to make the characters more unique and balanced
  • The Sage's Inspire skill now costs 3 Action Points (AP) instead of 4 and the effect immediately takes place, not in the next turn
  • The Sage's Bless skill now only grants melee damage but its value has been changed to 40% instead of 30%
  • The Arcanist's Piercing Bolt mastery now applies 10% Armour Breaking to the Force Bolt active skill instead of 50%
  • The Champion's Power Attack skill causes 15% Armour Breaking now instead of 30%
  • Reduced the damage output of Sir Ector's Fire Blast skill from 100% to 70%
  • Lady Dindraine's Fire Arrow skill deals 70% Weapon Damage instead of 50%
  • The skills of the Knight of Midnight will reset now once the 2nd cutscene starts and his Ignition skill was improved to make the final battle of the 1st Act more challenging
  • Various enemy units' skills were reviewed and rebalanced
Reworked Injury system
  • From now on, Heroes will suffer injuries based on the amount of Vitality they lost. Every Hero's Vitality have been split into five levels and whenever they suffer a hit that drops their Vitality below a level, they will be inflicted an injury
  • Injuries have been divided into two categories, light and severe ones. Heroes can suffer only light injuries at first but if they lose a bigger portion of their Vitality, they can receive light and severe injuries as well
    • Developer comment: The previous mechanism of the Injury system was less ideal as Heroes were injured based on how many hits they suffered so even weaker enemy units who barely caused any damage could inflict injuries on them repeatedly.
Leveling & itemization
  • Slightly rebalanced the obtainable XP from missions:
    • Developer comment: Due to the changes below, playing lower level missions with lower lever Heroes pays off more now than effortlessly running through the quests with higher level Heroes who gain less experience. As a result, most of your Heroes will be more or less on the same level and you can rotate them in between more difficult missions. Putting only a few but strong Heroes in one basket and only weak ones in the other will make things more difficult for you in the long run.
    • All items were reviewed, weaker Relic items were upgraded while Common items were rebalanced to not have especially powerful enchants on them
    • Several new, interesting enchants were added
    • The damage range of the weapons depend on their rarity now:
    • Common weapons: They have a wider damage range
    • Uncommon weapons: They have a smaller damage range and a third of these weapons have a static damage
    • Relic weapons: Almost all of these weapons have static damage with a few exceptions
      • Developer comment: The bigger the damage range of a given weapon the more unreliable it is which makes thinking ahead in the battle more difficult.
Reworked the Vanguard's Hide ability
  • Getting into Hidden state will no longer be free. It will cost the character 2 Action Points (AP)
  • Manually disabling the ability will not be possible, Heroes can get out of it by using an active skill or if their position is revealed by an enemy unit
  • On the other hand, moving in hidden state will no longer cost you double amount of Action Points (AP). Moreover, the Vanguard will receive the Surprise bonus when they get into Hidden state, not in their next turn
  • A warning icon will be displayed now on those tiles where your position can be potentially revealed by the enemy
Removed Curse system
  • The Curse system has been entirely scrapped. Curses and Curse tokens got removed, however, "Weakness", "Wither" and "Suffocation" have all been added to the Injuries list. In events, Heroes can suffer only injuries now. The Banshee will no longer cast a curse on our Heroes upon death either.
    • Developer comment: The Injury and Curse systems were mechanically similar since both inflicted permanent effects and differed only thematically. As a result we felt that one of them was redundant and it's better to stick to one system only.
  • Reviewed and improved all available maps both performance-wise and encounter-wise
  • Removed the level limitation of the Training Ground for those Heroes who got enlisted for free training
  • If a Hero's Morality is different from yours, the Hero's Loyalty will decrease by 2 points now instead of 1
  • The number of Health Potions on the player is taken into account now and the less potions they have the more they can acquire from loot. Consequently, the more Health Potions they accumulated the less chance they have for looting such potions. The changes are applied to the stocks of the Merchant too
  • From now on, Lost enemy units will stand up from reanimation state one round earlier
  • Ranged units do not get damage penalty now if an enemy unit standing within their melee range is stunned or frozen
  • Stunned Heroes' orientation cannot be changed until the Stun debuff is active
  • The description of Sir Pelleas' Taunt skill has been specified
  • The description of the Champion's Power Attack has been specified
  • The Extra Tribute Decree now grants 2000 gold instead of 1000
  • The Forced Labour Decree now grants 500 building resources instead of 1000 and its gold cost is 2000
  • The Purse of Gold Decree now grants +1 Loyalty to every Hero and +1 extra Loyalty to those Heroes whose Loyalty are in the negative
  • From now on, bleeding enemy units suffer damage after every step taken
  • The unlocked Barracks and Archery Range upgrades of the Training Ground as well as the Archive upgrade of the Enchanted Tower provided the extra skill points to your Heroes only if a mission was completed first. They grant the skill points instantly now
  • Drinking a Healing potion will now cleanse all debuffs from the Hero
  • Physical Resistance has been renamed to Constitution. Constitution reduces the effectiveness of Physical Crowd Control Effects
  • Mental Resistance has been renamed to Willpower. Willpower reduces the effectiveness of Magical Crowd Control Effects


Below you can find more details about the existing debuffs:


Applying the same debuff more than one time on any enemy won't make the Debuff stack but its effect will be prolonged. Attack spells will apply debuff on the target only if the enemy unit loses either HP or Vitality. If it loses Armour, the Debuff will not be applied. Non-attack spells, however, can apply debuff regardless of the circumstances. Debuffs always drop drown at the end of the target's turn with the exception of Knockdown.

  • Damage over time (DoT). Bleeding targets suffer 10% weapon damage at the start of their turn, each time they move two tiles, and after every action they take. There is no resistance against Bleeding and Armour cannot block it either.
  • Damage over time (DoT). Burning targets suffer 20% weapon damage at the start of their turn. There is no resistance against burning and Armour cannot block it either.
  • Damage over time (DoT). Poisoned targets suffer 10% weapon damage at the start of their turn and they deal 20% less damage until the effect lasts. There is no resistance against Poison and Armour cannot block it either.
  • The target suffers + X% additional damage against every attack. There is no resistance against vulnerability.
  • The target gets knocked back one tile (unless there is an obstacle behind).
  • The target gets knocked down. Standing up at the start of its turn will cost 50% of its Action Points (AP). Physical Resistance decreases this penalty. For example, having 20% Physical Resistance will make the target lose only 40% of its AP.
  • The target is completely incapacitated during a Stun. Depending on the skill, Mental or Physical Resistance mitigates this effect. For example, if the target has 25% resistance against Stun and gets affected by the debuff for 2 turns, it will remain immobile for one turn and will start with only half of its AP in its next turn.
  • At the start of their turn, Unarmoured targets lose 25% of their Action Points (AP), Armoured targets lose 50% of their AP. Depending on the skill, Mental or Physical Resistance mitigates this effect by reducing the amount of AP lost.
  • Frozen targets are rooted in place. Mental Resistance mitigates this effect. For example, if the target has 25% resistance against Freeze and gets affected for 2 turns, it will remain immobile for one turn and will start with only half of its AP in its next turn.
  • The target loses 33% of its Action Points (AP). Mental Resistance mitigates this effect by reducing the amount of AP lost.
  • Every tile covered costs double Action Points (AP). Depending on the skill, Mental or Physical Resistance mitigates this effect by decreasing movement costs.
  • The target has an 80% chance to miss with attacks. Physical Resistance decreases this penalty.
  • The target deals 33% less damage. Physical Resistance mitigates this penalty.
  • The target becomes unable to use skills except the basic attack but movement is not restricted.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed various mission-related crash issues
  • Fixed a crash issue which appeared if one switched from Very Low to Low in the Shadow setting
  • Fixed the performance problem in the Whispering Cove and the Old Monastery missions
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes your party could leave the borders of the maps during exploration
  • Sir Tristan could use his Hide ability in the Whispering Cove mission despite this skill wasn't unlocked for him by default. This has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where dialogues were repeated if one chose to attack a neutral or hostile enemy group on certain maps
  • Fixed various issues related to the battle formation
  • On rare occasions, Lost units could remain standing and hit the Hero even after they died. They should have fallen into reanimation state at that point. This has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where Lady Dindraine did not attack sometimes after appearing for the first time in the Kingstone mission
  • Fixed an issue where the Heroes' portraits were not displayed in the Formation section in certain cases
  • The "Cancel" button of the Enabling Controller Support option received a correction: it clearly indicates now that you finalize the changes with it
  • It is no longer possible to inspect, reserve AP or use the Hide ability while you are targeting an enemy unit with an active skill
  • The 'Show In-game Subtitles' button did not work. This has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where the positions of hidden enemy units could be seen on the minimap. The tiles which they were overwatching were also displayed which also got corrected
  • Fixed an issue where upon using the time acceleration feature the moving Heroes could sometimes change their orientation automatically after they arrived to the chosen tile
  • Fixed various typos and made several descriptions more comprehensible
  • Fixed an issue where Sir Balin could install traps through higher objects, like walls
  • Some Tutorials could not be seen under the Tutorial section as the window was not scrollable. This has been fixed
  • If a Hero's amount of Vitality was low and only a Trinket item kept them alive, then it was not possible to swap the Trinket with another one. This has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where knocking back a knocked down enemy made the unit stand up and fall again
  • Fixed an issue where if a Hero had lots of Action Points (AP), the displayed APs could not fit into the frames of the Hero portrait
  • Knocked down enemy units cannot stand up now until they are stunned
  • Fixed an issue where the camera shifted too quickly from one enemy unit to another at the start of certain encounters
  • Corrected the description of one of the rewards earned from the Unsettling Visitor event
  • Controller: Fixed an issue where the tooltips of the Heroes in the Hero list were missing if one played with the controller
  • Controller: Fixed an issue where changing the resolution was not possible with the controller
  • The positions of our Heroes were switched sometimes automatically when we triggered an encounter which had a Deploy mode. Now the Heroes will remain in the same position where they entered into the combat area

Patch Notes  - Patch v0.0.5 | August 31

Updates to King Arthur: Knight's Tale will be released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

New class: Sage

  • The sixth and final class, the Sage has been introduced with this update. Sages are experts at providing utility for their team using frost-based magic, including protective barriers and ice walls.
  • Sir Leodegrance is the first Hero, who represents the Sage class. He will join your Round Table right after completing the Bridge of Sorrow story mission so you can simply start playing and testing his abilities. Rest assured, he can prove to be quite handy in dire situations. Utilize him to find his perfect role in your party.


Difficulty settings are here!

If you prefer Classic Mode, then now you can choose from various difficulty settings to find the most suitable level for yourself. The difficulty levels are the following:


  • Your Heroes will survive all the battles you fight with 1 Vitality
  • The Resting place will fully heal your Heroes' HP and Armour
  • Enemies get a -50% damage output, -20% Vitality, HP and Armour



  • The Resting place heals 75% of your Heroes' HP and Armour
  • Enemies get a -25% damage output, -10% Vitality, HP and Armour



  • The Resting place heals 50% of your Heroes' HP and Armour
  • Enemies are just as strong as they were in the previous versions

Very Hard

  • The Resting place heals 25% of your Heroes' HP and Armour
  • Enemies receive +25% damage output, +10% Vitality, HP and Armour


Controller support

  • Now you can use your controller to fight your battles in Avalon
  • The controller can be enabled only from the Main Menu in the Options/Controls window


  • The Training Ground has received further adjustments: from now on, you can send your chosen Hero to a joust to gain experience. This comes with a certain cost and the joust cannot be cancelled. On the other hand, these Heroes won't occupy any training slot at all
  • New events have been added to give more opportunities to increase your Heroes' loyalty
  • Scrolls are now displayed next to the Heroes' portrait, similarly to the Potions
  • Sir Balin's biography has been added
  • New item enchants have been added
  • A Restart Mission button has been added to the Exit menu
  • Reworked various GUI elements, new ones have been added as well
  • Numerous effects, anims and skill mechanics have been added/improved
  • From now on, the zero cost of AP will also be indicated in the skills' tooltip
  • Repositioned the Hide ability of the Vanguard. Now it can be found in the last slot of the Hero's skillbar and received a tooltip as well
  • Before it was not possible to cancel the usage of the effects granted by Shrines after players clicked on the "Use it!" tab. Now you can still change your mind before choosing a Hero
  • Corrected the description of the Joust Decree to be more informative


  • The Training Ground's effectiveness was a little too much, hence we decided to introduce a limitation now: You can only train Heroes who are at least two levels below the hero with the highest level in your roster. Consequently, your highest level Hero cannot be trained
  • Reduced the damage output of the Lightning Bolt enemy skill
  • Sir Balin's Vitality has been reduced to 15 from 25
  • Changed the structure of various Heroes' skill trees, consequently, every Hero can unlock 3 active skills on the first tier
  • Rebalanced several active and passive skills to make them more effective
  • Bleeding's mechanism was reworked: from now on, targets will suffer 10% damage at the start of the turn, after every action they take and after every 2 movements they make
  • Poison's mechanism was reworked: from now on, targets will suffer 10% damage at the start of the turn and they deal 20% less damage over the debuff's duration
  • Reduced the Marksman Alchemist passive skill's Extra Damage value from 40% to 10%
  • Swapped one event's Morality decisions so they are more in line with the Tyrant/Rightful alignment now

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed various crash issues, some of which related to the camera
  • Fixed various freezes across several missions
  • Fixed an issue where if one chose not to fight with a neutral group, the game tended to freeze
  • Using their Hide skill, the Vanguard still triggered enemy Overwatch attacks. This has been fixed
  • Removed the suffered Injuries and Curses from the Heroes' Inspect window. They can be checked only on the Heroes' portrait now
  • From now on enemy units cannot move right next to your Heroes and then activate Overwatch
  • Heroes' portraits no longer multiply when you move them from one slot to another in the Idle Heroes window
  • Fixed the Archive upgrade of the Enchanted Tower
  • The dialogue with the Brigand team in the left upper corner of 'The Ancient Throne' mission got triggered after almost every action taken with your Heroes. This has been fixed
  • Fixed various typos and strings
  • Fixed an issue where the encounter where the villager NPC needs to be rescued did not trigger sometimes in the Old Monastery mission
  • Fixed an issue in the Hospice where sometimes the injured Heroes could not be enrolled in for recovery
  • Fixed an issue where if one Lost enemy unit revived from its reanimation state and once again lost its HP, the remaining Lost units in reanimation state did not get destroyed until you killed this specific unit
  • An encounter didn't trigger in the Old Monastery mission if one approached the battle from a specific direction. This has been fixed
  • Fixed a camera issue in 'The Ancient Throne' mission
  • The buff, granted by the Witch NPC in the 'Thistlewood Ruins' mission was not displayed in the Heroes' portrait. This has been fixed
  • Bone totems didn't get destroyed if their casters were killed. This has been fixed
  • The Training Ground's Archery Range ability did not work in certain cases. It has been fixed
  • The description of the Progressive Trait is now in line with its mechanism
  • The description of the Conservative Trait is now in line with its mechanism
  • Voiceover has been added to several dialogues
  • A few missing icons have been added
  • Various dialogues have been updated





Patch Note Fixed Bugs v0.0.4b 

  • Release Date: June 11 2021
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X

Patch Note Features and Changes

  • Fixed various crash issues
  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze under special circumstances in the 'Bridge of Sorrow' campaign mission
  • Fixed an issue in 'The Tale of Sir Yvain' mission, where after a crucial Hero died, the loading window got stuck in a loop and the Autosave
  • option did not work properly
  • Fixed an issue where undead, not yet triggered enemy units could block the attack of our ranged heroes
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes two events could appear consecutively which requested the same Hero to take any action
  • The Vanguard could not use its Hide ability if an undead enemy unit which was in reanimation state was close to them. This has been fixed
  • Improved the general performance in the 'Bridge of Sorrow' campaign mission
  • Removed the 'Left-click to use' message from those Potions which cannot be used outside of combat
  • Fixed various strings and missing icons
  • Various Buff and Debuff icons got updated
  • Fixed the Vanguard's backstab cursor
  • Fixed the conversation choice GUI align issue which caused by Morality symbols



Patch Note v0.0.4 

  • Release Date: 10 June 2021
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X

Patch Note Features and Changes

Patch Note v0.0.4 changes are focused mainly on the first Act of King Arthur's Knights tale. More bug fixes have been done and additions have been added to the game. Players can expect new side mission maps, characters, character management systems and other quality of life modifications. Players can now access Loyalty traits and an expanded Morality Chart. Systems and layouts have been modified and improved, and some balancing fixes were added to combat.

Due to the extensive amount of modifications to the story and the game, previous progress so far are no longer compatible with this patch. 



Buildings in Camelot
  • Unlock new Hero slots to expand active Hero list. Inactive heroes can be now found here and can be changed to active at anytime. 
  • Court Titles can now be found around Avalon which will increase your Heroes' loyalty towards you.
  • Laws can not be issued, which are permanent features until players proactively modify them themselves. Active laws are limited, but keeping them active comes with bonuses.
  • Decrees can be ordered at the Round Table. These Decrees can earn players resources and other benefits. One Decree per mission can be issued, but to issue the same Decree, you will have to wait 5 missions. 

Burial Ground are now known as the Crypt. This is now accessible in camelot. This is where you can find Heroes that have died fighting for you. 


  • Act 1 is now fully playable
  • Three new missions: Bridge of Sorrow, Whispering Cove, Heart of Midnight
  • New missions available and some missions redesigned: 10 side story missions, 5 random missions


Hero Recruitment
  • Existing heroes now have their own story quests in order to recruit them to the Round table.


New Heroes
  • Sir Balin
  • Sir Tristan
  • Boudicea


  • Traits are what creates builds for your party. They are characteristics that can bring different key advantages, which can be modified to create different combinations within a party that affect gameplay. They are important to determine who should be left behind on different challenges, as some combinations may prove to be more disadvantageous than others. 


  • Each hero has a their own personality. These affect the character's ability to settle disputes and grand favors in order to gain loyalty from knights. The heroes you select must be suitable fro your goals at the Round table. Loyalty is greatly affected by the decisions you make in game and in most extreme cases, it is possible for a hero to completely go against you and leave the Round Table. 


  • Completing missions will now produce events that are affected by your decision. These can earn you resources, experience points and other bonuses. Some decisions may have negative impacts such as injuries, removal or traits or death. 
  • These events may also increase Morality and Loyalty.



There is now a Journal that is accessible at anytime on the Adventure Map. It allows players to view the following features:

  • Story: Current Story Progress can be found here. 
  • Heroes: Hero Background and enemies 
  • Lore: Lore and secrets of Avalon can now be accessed here.
  • Tutorials: If at anytime you need to review some tutorials, instructions or mechanics, they can be found here. 


  • Modified Minimap layout
  • Battles and combat actions can now be sped up by holding down spacebar
  • New stats: Perception, Spellcraft
    • Perception: At a higher value, more valuable loots will be revealed
    • Spellcraft: At a higher value, more magical loots will be revealed during missions
  • Deploy mode: Placing a Hero where existing Hero will now swap their locations
  • Certain buildings must now be constructed first before access to other buildings will be available
  • Lost units rendered into reanimation state will perish once last undead unit has been defeated
  • Load/Save Panel cosmetic modification
  • Clarified the usability of the yellow Action points in its tooltip
  • Armour Breaking and Armour Piercing valuables now visible in Skill pop-up
  • Block, Physical Resist, Cure Token, Injury token icons replaced
  • Both the quality and quantity of the offered goods at the Merchant were increased
  • You Turn / Enemy Turn notifications during battles 
  • Additonal tutorials available
  • Minimap rotates with camera
  • Cost of Heroes' treatment is affected by their level
  • The AP cost of active skills are shown on the Skill tree
  • Hover the mouse on inventory items to highlight them
  • Scrolls are added as consumable items
  • Some Trinket and Jewelry items can now grant active skills but usage is limited
  • Vangauged now has Hide


  • Healing Potions are now a regular item sold by the Merchant
  • Healing Potions loot rate has been increased
  • Active and Passive skills modified
  • Bear traps cannot be placed in front of enemy units
  • Maps, encounters and enemy units balancing modification


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where some Heroes who joined do not have Healing Potions
  • Fixed an issue where party combinations were not saved
  • Fixed an encounter in the Relic Thieves mission where a Hero could get stuck in the wall and force them to replay the mission
  • Fixed an issue where Sir Kay's Cleave skill could destroy Bear Traps
  • Fixed an issue in the Enchanted Tower where curses were not removed after the mission
  • Fixed an issue where if a Hero was within range of the Moon Woman's AoE, he suffered consecutive damage while moving another Hero
  • Fixed an issue in the Blades in the Woods mission where the chosen Hero did not receive the extra skill point granted by the NPC and no gold was dedicated
  • Fixed Game Over screen Load button cosmetic
  • Fixed the counter above the head of Lost units who were in Reanimation state. The counter did not move with enemy if a Hero knocked the back. 
  • In the tooltip of the Lost Skirmisher Reanimation ability. 2 instead of 3 turns displayed was fixed.



Patch v0.0.3

  • Release Date: 26 February 2021
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X

Patch Note Features and Changes

The first Early Access update of King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The devs intend to have this be the first of many regular updates based on feedback, bug report and suggestions. Save progress so far will be compatible with this update. Some additions have been added to the game. 


New Missions 

Five new maps as well as missions have been added:

  • Razed Hamlet
  • Secret Encampment
  • Blood Rites
  • Droned Land
  • Savage Magic


New Playable class

A new Hero -  Sir Tegyr - Joins the round table. This introduces the fifth playable class, the Vanguard. 

  • Vanguard: Skilled Scouts, proficient at setting up and disarming traps, hiding and stealth. Weapsons - one-handed swords and can equip medium armor. He is available after completing the second story map, Kinstone. 


New Skills / Abilities

  • Additional Skills and Abilities are now available to unlock


New buildings

Training Ground and Enchanted Tower are new structures available in Camelot. They can be constructed and upgraded as well once Camelot is available. 

  • Gain XP at the Training Ground to balance levels.
  • The Enchanted tower removes curses from Heroes. 


New features

  • Building mechanisms have been modified. There are now two ways to heal Heroes in the Hospice - heal for free, but take more missions or use gold to speed up the process.
  • Gold ca now also speed up the process of the removal of injuries and curses in the Cathedral and the Enchanted Tower. Gold can also speed up training in the training gound
  • There is now a selectable magnifying glass icon to Inspect both Heroes and enemy unit stats. This is located on the bottom left corner of the minimap. This can also be seen by hovering the cure overa. chosen unit and available by pressing CTRL.
  • Healing positions can now be used outside of combat
  • A feature where you can hold the movement button and move the cursor to control movements and direction has been added
  • Recommended levels are now available before entering a mission on the map
  • Mission levels can determine obtainable XP. This is also affected by the Heroes' level. 
  • Merchant inventory will now refresh after every 3 missions completed. 
  • Enemy units can now enter Overwatch andreact to movements and actions of Heroes. 


  • Player progress is now synced in the Steam Cloud so your progress will remain the same no matter where you log in to Steam
  • More than 50 new item enchants have been added
  • Upon hovering the cursor over enemy units, their respective names will be displayed now
  • Saved progress can now be loaded from both the Adventure screen and missions so you don't have to quit to the Main menu to access them
  • New Vanguard-specific items have been added
  • The enemy factions you can encounter in missions and the significant attainable rewards will be displayed on the mission briefing window
  • Most objects you can interact with are now marked on the minimap
  • Smoother hero movement while exploring the maps between battles
  • In Overwatch a new 'Eye' icon has been added to the selected grids and these grids have been recolored to make them more distinguishable
  • The number of attacks you can unleash in Overwatch has been added to its tooltip
  • The number of Action Points you can save for the next turn with the Reserve button has been added to its tooltip
  • The permanent Injury and Curse debuff icons are now shown on the Hero portraits during the exploration and battles
  • Added a more distinctive description to Vitality and Hit Points
  • Several UI changes and improvements
  • Added new random dialogues for the Heroes between the encounters

  • From now on, 8 spent skill points will be required to unlock the Tier 2 skills instead of 10 and 24 spent skill points will be required to unlock the Tier 3 skills instead of 30
  • The Heroes' two Trinket slots have been separated to slot 1 and slot 2: from now on only Jewelry and Accessories can be put into the first
  • slot and similarly only Lucky Charms, Manuscripts, Artifacts, Provisions, Trophies, and Oathstones can be placed into the second slot
  • Various skills' level requirement has been changed
  • The Vitality of various melee Heroes has been increased
  • Doubled the dropping chance of Potions from loot
  • 'The Lost' enemy units will no longer be able to hide behind covers
  • Rebalanced missions to be slightly more challenging than before


Fixed Bugs
  • Various rarely occurring crash fixes and stability improvements
  • Fixed a crash issue which occurred at the end of Darkwood as the reward screen popped up
  • Fixed a crash issue which occurred if a cursed Hero has been inflicted with one additional curse. Mostly appeared in Bleeding Cross
  • Monastery upon fighting the Banshee
  • Fixed an issue where the Healing Potion had no effect on Sir Pelleas
  • Fixed a rare issue where during Deploy mode Heroes could take actions against enemy units or spend Action points
  • The Armour Breaking Battle stat is now properly displayed on the Character sheet
  • Fixed an issue where, upon the death of certain Heroes, a wrong level has been displayed under the deceased's portrait on the reward screen
  • Fixed an issue where Sir Kay could acquire an increasing number of Action points upon activating his Bloodlust skill and wielding an item
  • which grants +1 Actions points on kill
  • Fixed the Power Attack Champion skill's AP cost which was different in combat compared to the displayed amount on the Character sheet
  • Fixed the Lighten Armour Defender skill which did not properly reduce the loss of Action points caused by heavy armours
  • Fixed an issue where the effects of various skills on the Battle stats did not get registered properly
  • Various - mostly monster - skill icons' placeholders have been replaced by new, unique icons
  • The Cathedral's "Herbalist" and "Healing Friars" upgrades now work properly
  • The Merchant's "Tradeposts" upgrade now works properly
  • Fixed the missing Injury and Curse name strings on the Mission Result screen
  • Fixed several missing UI sound effects
  • Numerous typos and strings and descriptions have been corrected
  • Fixed a couple of overlapping descriptions 



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