Early Access for King Arthur: Knight's Tale is a feature of the game that allows early access purchasers to play a certain version of the game while it is still in development. Take note that the early access version game is not complete and may or may not change further. This is available to be purchased on PC via Steam and it was released on January 26, 2020.

While backers and early access purchasers can play this version of the game, they can provide feedback and comments to the developers that can help them in improving the various aspects and fields to the finished product of the game. Players who purchase Early Access should expect bugs, unbalanced characteristics, and even incomplete features.




King Arthur: Knight's Tale Early Access

When is it available?

The early access for King Arthur: Knight's Tale was initially set to be released on January 21, 2020, but NeocoreGames, who is the developer and publisher of the game announced on their official Twitter account that they've decided to push back the date to January 26, 2020. The Early Access is available on PC and it can be purchased or added to your wishlist via Steam.

How long can it be played?

The early access for King Arthur: Knight's Tale will be available on Steam to be purchased and it can be accessed for about 3-7 months as per NeocoreGames via Steam. Kickstarter backers, on the other hand, will receive their keys via email on (or a bit before) January 26.

What's featured in Early Access

Here are the features that you can expect in this initial build:

  • A thrilling intro cinematic.
  • 2 missions to start your journey in Avalon.
  • 5 Side Quests to further hone your skills in battle.
  • 4 Heroes from 4 different Classes around the Round Table.
  • Some of the management functions, fit for the ruler of Camelot.

Will it be priced differently after Early Access?

NeocoreGames via Steam: “Yes, the price of the game will be different after it leaves Early Access.”


King Arthur: Knight's Tale EA Features

Early Access Quests

Listed below are the highlighted Quests that are featured in the Early Access version of the game:

Early Access Heroes

Listed below are the highlighted Heroes that are featured in the Early Access version of the game:

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