Fire with Fire is a Side Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The Fire with Fire mission is part of Act 1 and it is located at Golant Monastery. Completing this mission unlocks the next Side Missions, The Tale of Sir Yvain, and Forbidden Keep as well as Events such as The Manglegrove. This mission tasks players to deal with the curse in the village. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information

  • Recommended Level: 3
  • Bosses: n/a


Fire with Fire Map

[map coming soon]


NPCs in the Area


  • n/a 


Bonus Rewards:

  • Recruitable Hero

Building Resources

  • +300

Recruitable Heroes



Enemy Type: The Lost



  • Notes go here

Full Fire with Fire Walkthrough

Side Mission Introduction

"A remote forest village built upon ancient ruins has gone silent and not even the soldiers we sent out have returned. I shouldn't be surprused. There are also rumors of a terrible ancestral curse, the walls birthing eyes, and everybody succumbing to the undead plague. This case sure needs out attention. "

Side Mission Completed Description

"The curse was unleashed upon the village by Sir Ector who was dabbling in forbidden arts to resurrect some legendary knights to fight for Camelot again. The incantation went wrong, turning everyone into mindless undead. Ector did everything he through necessary to save Avalon:but is he an ally or a madman with a terrible burden? "

Fire with Fire Side Mission Objectives

  • Explore the Village
  • Sir Ector must survive
  • Break the Undead Plague
  • Defeat the Lost Knights

Events that can occur after the Side Mission, Fire with Fire.

Marauders no More "The forest around Camelot were once teeming with brigands and marauder knights. Thanks to me and the Round Table, their numbers were thinned and the survivors - feeling the change of winds - seek forgiveness for their past sins. They even offered their servitude to Camelot. Allowing such filth into my castle may cause discontent among my more righteous knights, but I could use them to establish my rule. Not to mention the stolen goods they are offering for my goodwill."

  • Pardon the brigands. (Decreases all your Rightful Heroes' loyalty by 1, +200 Gold, +300 Building Resource)

  • rightul morality personality king arthur knights tale wiki guide 136px - Hunt them down.

Explore the village

  • Sir Ector must survive

Once you have arrived at the area, advance forward and you'll eventually encounter Sir Ector mid battle. You will be joining him in battle against some Lost Commoners. Focus on the ones closest to you and try to protect Sir Ector. The enemies in this battle have fairly low HP so it should be easy to clear them each in 1-2 hits. Clear the battle to engage in a dialogue with Sir Ector. Have him join you and continue. There will be multiple points of interest indicated by the arrows on the minimap. Open up the map to see their exact locations marked with a flag.  

sir ector first encounter fire with fire side missions king arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px

Break the Undead Plague

Go around to the different points of interest to clear the undead from the Bridge of Sorrow. A Villager Woman will tell you that the person who led the soldiers to the village is standing with the party, and that led to this mess. Within the map you might also come across a Lost Hero. You will have the option to duel him, attack him as a party or leave him alone. Near him there will also be a test to loot and a shrine available for use at anytime. In the Main Square, you may also come across a lone Crossbowman who seeks protection from Sir Ector himself. Interacting with him will grant you usage of his campfire. 


Defeat the Lost Knights

The last location, you will be up against the Lost Knights. These enemies will have have a higher HP. Try to use ranged attacks to defeat them before they are able to approach you.  If they are within one of the Cauldrons, you can hit the cauldrons to make them explode and leave a pool in their path. There are also some Crossbowmen in the area so it will be good to get rid of them first. You can remain within the same area as they will approach you during their turn. If available, you may also set up some traps around your party. Continue attacking the Knights until they are defeated and the Mission can be finished. Loot the area before you leave. You will obtain Rune for Staffs from a chest nearby. Finish the Mission to leave the area. 



Fire with Fire Map

Map Coming Soon





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