Masteries in King Arthur: Knight's Tale, are buffs and changes applied to the various Skills of a Class or Hero. A Mastery is applied permanently to its related skill once it is unlocked, there are various modifiers that can be acquired such as increasing the damage value of the skill, applying certain effects such as Bleed or Poison, gain additional AP (Action Points), and many more. Masteries can be unlocked by using SP (Skill Points). This page covers a list of all the Masteries in King Arthur: Knight's Tale.



King Arthur: Knight's Tale Skill Modifiers

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Name & Icon Skill SP Cost Description
Bleeding Strike Strike (Defender) 1 Strike causes Bleeding for 2 turn(s).
Bonebreaker Strike (Defender) 1 +10% damage to strike.
Killing Blow Strike (Defender) 1 Gains 1 AP when killing an enemy with Strike.
Sweeping Strike Strike (Defender) 1 -1 AP for the first attack on any targets in a turn.
Endurance Toughness 1 +2 Vitality.
Extra HP Toughness 1 +2 HP.
Physical Resistance Toughness 1 +10 Physical Resistance.
Ruthlessness Toughness 1 2 HP regained when killing an enemy.
Stigma of Dishonor Cast Stigma 1 The target's Armor is reduced by 2.
Mind Shackle Cast Stigma 1 Stigma stuns for 1 turn(s), but costs +1 AP.
Lasting Stigma Cast Stigma 1 Stigma lasts for +1 turn(s).
Wasting Sign Cast Stigma 1 The target's armour is reduced by 2.
Thick Skinned Armourer 1 Armour is increased by 1.
Fittted Armour Armourer 1 +10% HP from Armour type items.
Lighten Armour Armourer 1 Heavy Armour items reduce 1 less AP.
Glory Kill Strike (Champion) 1 Every currently running Cooldown is reduced by 1 turn(s) after killing with Strike.
Strong Grip Strike (Champion) 1 +10% damage for Strike.
Reeling Blow Strike (Champion) 1 Strike causes Slow for 1 turn(s).
Open Wounds Strike (Champion) 1 Strike causes Bleeding for 1 turn(s).
Extended Rage Rage 1 +5% bonus damage for Rage ability.
Blood Rage Rage 1 Regains 1 HP on kill while the Rage ability's effect is active.
Bloodlust Rage 1 Gains 1 AP on kill while the Rage ability's effect is active.
Anger Management Rage 1 Rage ability lasts for +1 turn.
Bleeder Cleave 1 Cleave causes Bleeding for 1 turn.
Momentum Cleave 1 +10% damage for Cleave.
Severing Blow Cleave 1 Cleave deals +30% damage in its center.
Hack and Slash Cleave 1 Cleave's cooldown is reduced by 1.
Stunning Blow Power Attack 1 Power Attack Stuns for 1 turn.
Initiator Power Attack 1 +25% damage for Power Attack if the target has full HP and Vitality.
Vulnerability Power Attack 1 Power Attack causes 30% Vulnerability for 1 turn.
Ready to Purge Power Attack 1 Decrease the AP cost of Power Attack by 1.
Save Strength Damage Focus 1 Gain +1 AP for every 3 unspent Action Points left in the previous turn.
Readiness Damage Focus 1 Gains 1 temporary Armour for every 3 unspent AP.
Focused Watch Damage Focus 1 AP spend for Overwatch counts as unspent for the purpose of Damage Focus ability.
Smite the Weak Damage Focus 1 +5% damage for each unspent AP.
Piercing Bolt Shoot 1 Gains 2 Armour Piercing.
Torture Shoot 1 Damage is increased by 20% against burning enemies.
Weak Spots Shoot 1 Damage is increased by 20% against poisoned enemies.
Elusive Shoot 1 Killing a target reduces all cooldowns by 1.
Recon Fleet Footed 1 Gains 2 Movement AP for the first turn of the encounter.
On the Run Fleet Footed 1 Gains +1 AP at the start of the turn, if 5 AP or move was spent for movement in the previous turn.
Tactical Adjustment Fleet Footed 1 Gains 1 Movement AP for every attack received.
Evasive Fleet Footed 1 -2 damage from ranged attacks.
Crippling Hit Fire Bolt 1 Burning enemies gain 1 less AP per turn.
Heated Bolt Fire Bolt 1 +10% damage for Fire Bolt.
Greek Fire Fire Bolt 1 Burning effect is increased by 1 turn.
Explosive Bolt Fire Bolt 1 Causes Burning to all units adjacent to the target.
Sharpshooter Cover Expert 1 +1 Range for all skills used from cover.
Perseverance Cover Expert 1 +20 Physical Resistance in cover.
Ballista Cover Expert 1 +10 Armor Break in cover.
Protected Cover Expert 1 Cover reduces damage by 10%.
Poisoned Blade Strike 1 Strike causes Poisoned for 2 turns.
Sinister Blow Strike 1 Strike deals 15% more damage.
Finishing Blow Strike 1 Gains 1 AP when killing an enemy with Strike.
Relentless Strike Strike 1 Strike deals 20% more damage to bleeding enemies.
Bleeding Glash Bear Trap 1 Bear Trap causes Bleeding for 3 turns.
Shackles Bear Trap 1 Bear Trap reduces victim's AP by 2.
Precision Bear Trap 1 Bear Trap deals 15% more damage.
Handy Trap Bear Trap 1 Bear Trap's AP cost is reduced by 1.
Subtle Hide 1 Surprise damage increased by 50%.
Stalker Hide 1 Retain Surprise state for up to 4 tiles (instead of 2) when leaving a Hidden position.
Preparation Hide 1 Gains 2 movement AP when starting a round hidden.
Surprise Damage Hide 1 Surprise damage increased by 50%.
Deactivate Trap Master of Traps 1 Discovered traps are deactivated by stepping upon them. The Hero loses 2 AP for each trap deactivated.
Serrated Trap Master of Traps 1 +20% damage to trap skills.
Barbed Traps Master of Traps 1 +1 turn duration to all DoT effect caused by Trap skills.
Better Tools Master of Traps 1 Can have up to 6 active traps (instead of 5).


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