Old Monastery is a Side Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The Old Monastery mission is part of Act 1 and it is located at Old Monastery. You will be tasked to deal with the Marauding Robber Knight and deal with the Pillagers within the Old Monastery. Completing this mission unlocks Events such as Lady Dindraine's Vision and Ruined Feast. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information

  • Recommended Level: 4
  • Bosses: Outcast Friar


Old Monastery Map

[map coming soon]


NPCs in the Area

  • Friar Camlar
  • Merchant
  • Colby


  • n/a



Bonus Rewards

  • High amount of experience
  • Gold reward

Building Resources

  • +300

Recruitable Heroes

  • n/a



Enemy Type: Cursed Vassal, Brigand



  • Notes go here

Full Old Monastery Walkthrough

Side Mission Introduction

"A pilgrim has collapsed at our doorstep, barely alive, bracing an infected wound, bearing alarming news. The infamous robber baron Dumloc attacked and pillaged a convent with his brigands. Driven from their homes, the monks are pleading for help. A courageous friar shall act as our guide at the edge of the monastery."

Side Mission Completed Description

"The marauding robber baron Dumloc was dealt with and we also chased the pillagers away. The pious monks can now return to their monastery. "

Old Monastery Side Mission Objectives

  • Meet Friar Camlar at the mill
  • Deal with the Pillagers
  • Face the marauding Robber Knight


Events that occur during the Side Mission, Old Monastery.

Friar Camlar, Wounded: Friar Camlar appears to be wounded, and you have the option to give him a potion to heal or let him suffer and gather information straight away.

  • christian morality personality king arthur knights tale wiki guide 136px (+1 Christian) Give him a potion to heal his wounds.
  • Let him suffer and ask for more information.


Meet Friar Camlar at the Mill

Upon starting the mission, go straight and follow the path ahead, you will immediately encounter Friar Camlar, who appears to be wounded. You will then have the option to give him a potion to heal his wounds or to let him continue talking and gather more information about the situation. He explains that Dumloc the Marauder Knight showed up at their monastery, where they were forced to offer them shelter and food. The Friar will mark the new points of interest on the map.  You will now have to deal with the pillages and face the marauding robber knight.

After your conversation with Friar Camlar, you can head back to where you came from and go left. This will lead you to a shrine and a few barrels that can be looted.  This route will also lead to a small cottage with a number of NPCs indicated in purple on the map. One of them will have an exclamation point. If you speak to him, the merchant will ask for help looking for some bandits. You will have the option of helping him out. 

  • Get back the stolen stuff

Deal with the Pillagers

Travel to any of the points of interest and prepare for battle. Each one of these points will initiate a battle. Keep your archer away from enemies and attack the ones closest to you. Once you clear a battle, use any recovery items if you need and move one to the next point. Follwing the path will lead you to the different battles available. Clear the battle nearby to the center east of the map and this should allow you to get back the stolen stuff of the merchant. Your next task would be to Bring back the stolen stuff. You can either head back now to return it or continue completing your objectives around the map and return it later instead. 

  • Bring back the Stolen Stuff

Choosing to return to the Merchant will still give you two options. You can return his items even through you know they are stolen, or you can refuse to return his belongings to him. Refusing to return his items will activate a combat sequence against him. The NPCs in the area will have their vitality revealed, but they don't need to be interacted with. 

The southwest battle will contain a few Crossbowmen. Focus on killing them off so you won't have to worry about any ranged attacks. You will be up against mainly scouts during this combat. After clearing the battle keep south and follow the path until you reach a stone path heading north.

  • Kill the enemies before the NPC dies

If you missed it, there will be another battle at the northwest corner just next to where you found the merchant. You will have to Kill the enemies before the NPC dies within a limited a mount of turns.

  • Follow that path and it will lead you to a monk. Here, you will be able to pay 200 gold to gain +1 Skillpoint. You may select a Hero of your choice to gain a skillpoint.

Afterwards, there will be a campfire available just behind the monk to take a rest. Continue through the path. Loot the corpse on the way. The path will eventually pass a shrine for you to use. This will then lead to the point of interest at the southeast corner of the map, the Cemetary. You will be upagainst more Manhunters, Father Tomass and other range enemies. there are cauldrons available in the area for use during combat as well. Clear the battle to continue. Loot the chest behind the building. 

From here, head up and you will encounter a battle already occurring. At the end of the scene, it will be your turn to make your move. Finish off any hurt Bandits and enemies and clear them as they come at you. The end of the dialogue will still conclude in a battle. 

  • Kill the enemies before reinforcement arrives (6 turns)

Continue following the path north and anticipate the next battle. Enter the area to begin. You will still have the opportunity to position and deploy your Heroes here. Keep your Archer away from enemies and Take your strongest hero in front of the rest. Clear this area in less than 6 moves. Clearing all points of interest except for the walled area to the east fulfills the objective: Deal with the Pillagers. 

Face the marauding Robber Knight

Now it is time to face the last three battles of the mission. The building on the center east is the Ruined monastery.  You will be able to Deploy your Heroes here. Be prepared to face more Crossbowmen and Men-at-Arms.  The two battles outside should be fairly easy to clear. It won't require too much strategy, so you can choose to fight where you stand. Clear the enemies closest to you. Use ranged attacks to focus on ranged enemies as well who are further away. When the first battle is cleared, do the same with the second battle before entering the building so you can loot the area.

When you are ready enter the building to face Sir Dumloc. This time there will only be a few entryways so get into a good position where you can get a clear shot of your enemies. Sir Dumloc will stand at only 60 HP, so this fight should not be too much more difficult than the others. Loot the chest, finish exploring the area and Finish the Mission to exit.


Old Monastery Map

Map Coming Soon





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      For brining back the goods, if you give them up, everyone gets +20 XP. If you kill him and keep the goods, you get a blue item. I had received a blue accessory.

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