The Battle of the Chasm is a Side Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The The Battle of the Chasm mission is part of Act 3 and it is located at Bridge of Sorrow. The main objective of this mission is to defeat Sir Tewelyn. Completing this mission may unlock the next Side Mission(s) The Artificer, as well as Events such as A Disrespectful Poem, Lament of the Dead, and the Second Treasure of the Tuatha Dé Danann. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information

  • Recommended Level: 13
  • Bosses: Sir Tewelyn


The Battle of the Chasm Map

[map coming soon]


NPCs in the Area

  • Commander Cadoc
  • Villager


  • Sir Tewelyn



Bonus Rewards:

  • High amount of experience

Building Resources

  • + 300

Recruitable Heroes

  • n/a



Enemy Type: The Lost

  • Revenant
  • Guardian Skirmisher
  • Guardian Squire
  • Sir Hubert
  • Guardian Knight
  • Guardian Crossbowman
  • Sir Czodos
  • Sir Kraqnaca
  • Lost Commoner
  • Sister Clarita
  • Walking Dead
  • Sir Drarzur
  • Sister Ulsa
  • Sister Ayda



  • Notes go here

Full The Battle of the Chasm Walkthrough

Side Mission Introduction

"I received message from the Bridge of Sorrow. It's that blasted Sir Tewelyn again. We have thwarted his plans twice already, but now he is back and he moved against his former castle, conquering one of our most valuable forts on the rim of the cursed lands. We must take back the castle. He has been so suffused by the taint of darkness that final death would be a relief to him."

Side Mission Completed Description

"We have defeated Sir Tewelyn and hopefully our victory will end the continuous threat he has been posing. That old, deathless knight was planning to raise the fallen dragons from their colossal grave through black magic. We have learned that these magnificent beasts used to protect Avalon against the Fomorians before the time of the knights. Their fate should be a lesson for all of us."

The Battle of the Chasm Side Mission Objectives

  • Break the siege
  • Kill Sister Clarita
  • Kill Sister Ulsa
  • Kill Sister Ayda
  • Defeat Sir Tewelyn

Events that occur during the Side Mission, The Battle of the Chasm.

No events took place during the side mission.

Break the siege

  • Protect Commander Cadoc

Once you start the mission a Banshee will summon The Lost enemies to eliminate you along with Commander Cadoc and his men. Help Commander Cadoc and his men eliminate the enemies in the area. Once you've eliminated the enemies, you will leave Commander Cadoc and he will stay put in the area, you can then advance and head towards the bridge. A villager will come running towards you and warns you about the churchyard being sealed by the undead and Sir Tewelyn performing an unholy ritual at the church. Cross the bridge and you will encounter another group of enemies. Clear the enemies to continue, the survivors hiding within the building will come out and thank you, the soldier says that they will now guard the bridge. You can head inside the building, there's a campfire inside to rest if needed. Then continue making your way through the castle, you will encounter another group of enemies and the survivors trying to fight them off. Help the survivors and clear the area to continue. Afterwards, there will be a chest in the other room for you to loot.

  • Kill Sister Clarita
  • Kill Sister Ulsa
  • Kill Sister Ayad

Head outside and you will find a soldier barely alive beside a wall of black flames, there will be a yellow exclamation icon indicating you can interact with it. The soldier will use it's last breath to warn you about the Banshee appearing from behind, the Banshee, named Sister Clarita will then summon the undead to ambush you. Defeat Sister Clarita along with her undead men to continue.

Now head to the bridge up north, you will encounter Sister Ulsa taking up the form of a Banshee. She will also summon her undead servants to kill you and your heroes. All the enemies are position in front of your heroes and there's not much cover for this fight. Clear the enemies at the bridge along with Sister Ulsa to continue.

Once you're done, head to the room on the right, you will encounter Sister Ayda, defeat her and her men to release the wall of black flames.

Defeat Sir Tewelyn

A quest marker will then appear after you've eliminated Sister Ayda and her men. Head towards the quest marker, you will finally encounter Sir Tewelyn. He will be accompanied by two Guardian Skirmishers and two Lost Squires in the room, then there will be more undead soldiers on the right and left side of the room with a Bone Totem, you need to destroy the Bone Totem as well to stop enemies from spawning in the area. But you would need to focus on taking down Sir Tewelyn, once he's down, the side mission is completed. You can then loot two chests within the room, and you can finish the mission or choose to explore the area.


The Battle of the Chasm Map

Map Coming Soon





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