The Tale of Sir Yvain is a Side Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The The Tale of Sir Yvain mission is part of Act 1and it is located at Kingstone. Players will be tasked to help Sir Yvain to Survive the mysterious forest. Completing this mission unlocks the next Side Mission Treachery, as well as events such as Fame for Gold. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information


The Tale of Sir Yvain Map

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NPCs in the Area





Building Resources

  • +300

Recruitable Heroes



Enemy Type: Brigand



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Full The Tale of Sir Yvain Walkthrough

Main Mission Introduction

"Crowblack Woods always had a fearsome reputation, but after the Storm the forest turned even more dangerous. The rumours of something stirring in the dark reached the ears of Sir Yvaine, a daring hedge knight. Since he entered the woods, opaque mist has been covering the trees. We don't know what is lurking behind the eerie fog, but whatever happened there, it needs to be dealt with. "

Main Mission Completed Description

"The mystery of the woods has been solved. The faint echo of an ancient dream goddess woke up and made Sir Yvain's worst nightmare real. Once he didn't try to fight it, it could be defeated."

The Tale of Sir Yvain Main Mission Objectives

Help Sir Yvain to Survive the mysterious forest.

  • Find Sir Yvain
  • Sir Yvain must survive
  • Help Sir Yvain defeat his nemesis

Events that occur during the Main Mission, The Tale of Sir Yvain.

No events occurred during the mission.


Find Sir Yvain

  • Sir Yvain must survive

Upon starting the mission, follow the shoreline to the Cursed Woods until you encounter Sir Yvain. Clear the Bandits and it will trigger a dialogue with Sir Yvain. After the dialogue, he will join your party. Help him clear out the area and defeat the Highwaymen standing in your way.

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Help Sir Yvain defeat his nemesis

Continue exploring the area and prepare for battle encounters. Head down south until you encounter a Hermit, he will tell you that in order to escape, you must defeat the Sir Yvain's nightmare that is Sir Godfrey. Then continue following the path south, you will spot a stonehenge where you'll see Sir Godfrey, Sir Yvain's nemesis. This final battle will be against Sir Godfrey and other enemies. Take advantage of the Stonehenge for some cover against the ranged enemies. Try taking out the enemies first and surround Sir Godfrey, he will become an easy prey once he's all alone. Defeat Sir Godfrey and clear the battle to complete the mission objectives. From there, you can either choose to finish the mission or continue exploring the area.


The Tale of Sir Yvain Map

Map Coming Soon





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