Loyalty is a feature in King Arthur: Knight's Tale that shows the effects of your relationships with recruited Heroes. Unlike Morality, which measures your ideology standing, Loyalty measures your standing in relationships. This can affect a Hero's individual abilities during combat and in the worst case scenario, might even cause the Hero to leave the Round Table and turn against you completely. These are affected by various decisions that will be presented to you in game. 

  • Determining Factors - Loyalty is affected by your decisions to grant favors, spare punishment, choose sides and initiate battles. Each Hero will have a different Loyalty standing depending on the choices that are made. Each hero also has their own sets of personalities that will determine how they react to your decisions, so the results will vary from each hero. 
  • Stats - Loyalty points can affect combat and effectiveness in battle by directly increasing or decreasing damage stats and AP points. 
  • Point System - The points are measured on a scale that ranges from Critical, Bad, Good, Excellent, Faithful and average being at 0. The status of your Loyalty Points can be checked on at anytime from the Heroes' pages. 


King Arthur: Knight's Tale Loyalty


loyalty heroes character information king arthur knights tale wiki guide


Loyalty Standing 

Point Range



-20   -   -10
  • -10% damage
  • -1 AP during battles


-10   -   -3
  • -10% damage during battles


 -3   -   3
  • No bonuses or effects 


3   -   9
  • +10% damage during battles


9  -   15
  • +20% damage during battles


 15  -   20
  • +20% damage
  • +1 AP during battles


How to Increase your Loyalty Points

Aside from the decisions that affect your relationships, Loyalty points can be strengthened by gifting your Heroes with some artifacts. Depending on their personality traits, some artifacts will be worth more loyalty points to them than others. Some heroes will prefer to take some treasure while on missions and other will prefer to be equipped well before a mission. Events also play an integral role to increasing the points of the hero's loyalty. You can check our Events page to find a list of all the events that occur.


King Arthur: Knight's Tale Choices

Some decisions have clearer outcomes that others. When manning the kingdom in between missions, you will be prompted with decisions that may affect your loyalties as indicated on the symbols below each outcome. Some decisions will affect more than just loyalties, or will come at a cost. Depending on the scenario, it is possible for a decision to be both detrimental and beneficial at the same time. Hover over the icons to see more information on who the Loyalty Points will affect. 

Some decisions are more subtle and can occur within the dialogues in your Missions. At times you will be given the option to initiate a battle or walk away. Depending on the personality of your Heroes, some may or may not appreciate a decision to spare someones life if they are a traitor. Depending on the Hero, some loyalties are strengthened by not taking specific Heroes on some missions. 


 loyalty decision1 heroes character information king arthur knights tale wiki guide min

The Trial of Castellan provides three options that each affect your loyalties in different ways, the only option with a Loyalty drawback comes at a cost of 400 Gold.

loyalty decision2 heroes character information king arthur knights tale wiki guide min 

The Arrival of the Dean leaves you with three options and will allow you to control where your loyalty points will go. Scroll over the Loyalty symbol for more information on who your decisions affect.


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