Traits or Personality Traits in King Arthur: Knight's Taleare the various personalities of the playable/recruitable Heroes of the game. Personality Traits play an integral mechanic in the game since it further extends the RPG mechanic in creating a variety of parties for combat, it allows players to experiment on combining hero traits that work well together, and it provides a challenge when it comes to strategizing who to assign on missions. As a  King, it is your duty to learn about each hero's traits and to avoid any conflicts between your comrades. This page covers a list of all the traits featured in King Arthur: Knight's Tale.

What You Need to Know About Traits

Traits in King Arthur: Knight's Tale, heavily affects how your Heroes, the members of the Round Table will act or work around you depending on the choices you make as a king. Say for example, if you lean towards being a Tyrant some heroes may question their alignment and will contribute towards building up into negative Loyalty. Apart from that, there are many extra passive effects that a Hero can benefit either for themselves, for the team, or even towards the various Buildings within Camelot. Take note that a Hero can either have only one Trait, or he/she can be complex and have two or more Personality Traits. Traits are permanent and cannot be changed.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale features over more than 100 personality Traits, and it is your job to learn and identify each one of your hero's personality traits to better utilize them, to make wise decisions, and to build an effective party that you can send out to Missions. On this page, we will provide you with various guides on how Traits work, as well as indicating a list of each and every hero's listed Personality Trait/s.


Where do I find the Traits?

In order to view the Traits of your Heroes, you must be on the Adventure Map. Viewing the page of a Hero can only be done when you are not on a Mission. Simply click on the portrait icon of the Hero you want to view which is the list of  "Active" members which is at the lower center of the screen, and hover your mouse on the indicated Trait to view its description or effect.


King Arthur: Knight's Tale All Traits












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