Traits in King Arthur: Knight's Taleare the various personalities of the playable/recruitable Heroes of the game. Personality Traits play an integral mechanic in the game since it further extends the RPG mechanic in creating a variety of parties for combat, it allows players to experiment on combining hero traits that work well together, and it provides a challenge when it comes to strategizing who to assign on missions. As a  King, it is your duty to learn about each hero's traits and to avoid any conflicts between your comrades. This page covers a list of all the traits featured in King Arthur: Knight's Tale.


King Arthur: Knight's Tale Traits


Trait Name Description
Talented Learning active skills costs only 1 skill point for this Hero.
Ambitious  +50 Loyalty from court titles.
Covenant +1 Loyalty after every mission with a party that has at least one other Christian Hero.
Beloved Healing any permanent injury costs 50% less for this Hero.
Humble No Loyalty from Court titles.
Sixth Sense +1 Perception.
Wise +1 Spellcraft.
Contract Grants 100 gold after every mission which this Hero didn't participate in.
Baptized -1 Loyalty if an Old Faith decision is made during a mission.
Unpopular Healing vitality at the Hospice costs 10% more for this Hero.
Lost TBC
Allegiance TBC
Tough TBC


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