Cave of Shadows is a Side Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The Cave of Shadows mission is part of Act 3 and it is located at Lamentation Keep. The main objective for this side mission is to find Lady Boudicea and help her exact her revenge for the death of her daughters. Completing this mission may unlock Events such as Wandering Zealots and A Curse Unbroken. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information

  • Recommended Level: 12
  • Bosses: Centurion


Cave of Shadows Map

[map coming soon]


NPCs in the Area

  • Lludwyn
  • Nortius Maximus
  • Tertius Maximus
  • Decimus Maximus
  • Jupiter


  • Centurion



Bonus Rewards:

  • High amount of experience

Building Resources

  • + 300

Recruitable Heroes



Enemy Type: The Lost



  • Notes go here

Full Cave of Shadows Walkthrough

Side Mission Introduction

"After we had rescued Boudicea, the warrior queen from her magical prison in Avalon, I suspected that some day we would hear from her again. Turns out that I was right. Driven by her desire for revenge against her former torturers, she is on the search for a pathway that could lead her to the deeper regions of the otherworld. We should find her again."

Side Mission Completed Description

"We helped Boudicea take revenge on her torturer. Astonishingly, we have found the revenants of old Eboracum in Avalon, undead Roman legionnaires hiding away in the shadow of the otherworld. This might have serious implications."

Cave of Shadows Side Mission Objectives

  • Find Cornelia's sarcophagus
  • Find Avitus' sarcophagus
  • Find the entrance to the Underworld
  • Defeat the Centurion

Events that occur during the Side Mission, Cave of Shadows.

No events took place during the side mission.


Find Cornelia's sarcophagus

  • Lady Boudicea must survive

Upon starting the mission you will immediately come across Lady Boudicea mid-battle, a short dialogue will occur before you initiate in combat. You will fight alongside Lady Boudicea during this battle, and throughout the mission as well. This first battle will be easy as you will only be facing six opponents, composed of three Toxic Dead enemies and three Guardian Skirmishers. After clearing the enemies, you will have a short conversation with Lady Boudicea, she explains that there is one more left to punish for the death of her daughters. Her plan is the find the priests and have Lludwyn command them to open a gateway to hell and drag the champion here, then exact her revenge.

Now turn right and make your way to the south-east corner of the map, you will find a golden stone coffin different from the rest, interact with it to open Cornelia's sarcophagus, then this will initiate combat. Cornelia will reveal herself taking up the form of a Banshee, then summon her Servants to rise from the ground. There will be six Servants accompanying Cornelia during this battle, you don't need to worry too much about the Servants as they don't pose much of a threat and have low HP. Cornelia on the other hand has over 500 HP, but everytime you kill one of her servants, her HP is reduced as well. After your second turn, she will summon two more servants to her aid. Once you defeat Cornelia and the enemies in the area, Lludwyn will play his part and bound Cornelia under his control. He says when the time comes, she will drag Boudicea's nemesis here from hell. There's also a campfire nearby to rest if needed.

Find Avitus' sarcophagus

Now make your way up north where you can see a campfire icon in your map, as your reach the area, you will spot another stone coffin that's different among the rest, interact with it to initiate combat, four Protectors will then spawn from the ground. These enemies are a bit tricky, as you would have to kill them all at the same time in a single turn to eliminate them all, you cannot eliminate them one by one. After eliminating the Protectors, Avitus will finally reveal himself, then he will spawn one Lost Skirmisher to fight alongside him. Once you've defeated Avitus, Lludwyn will bound Avitus' soul as well.

Find the entrance to the Underworld

A new quest marker will appear on your map indicating the location to the entrance of the Underworld, it is located at the north-east corner of the map. Once you reach the area, Lludwyn will control Cornelia and Avitus to summon Lady Boudicea's nemesis, Centurion.

Defeat the Centurion

As Centurion arrives, Lost Squires and Guardian Crossbowmen will be fighting alongside him. Centurion will also be able to summon Lost Skirmishers during this fight. For this fight, you should focus your attacks mainly on Centurion, because once you defeat him, all the other enemies in the area will also be eliminated. After you've defeated Centurion, you will have a short conversation with Lady Boudicea, then she says she will lend her sword to your cause. After the conversation, the mission is completed. You can now finish the mission or choose to explore the rest of the area. After the mission, Lady Boudicea will have officially joined your Knights of the Round Table.


Cave of Shadows Map

Map Coming Soon





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