The Rite of the Ones Beneath is a Side Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The Rite of the Ones Beneath is a unique side mission that can be unlocked after you reach a certain level of morality or completing certain events and it is not tied to any act. It can be located at The Shrieking Tower. Main objective of this mission is to enter the crypt and deal with the Picts and help Sir Leodegrance stop the ritual. Completing this mission may unlock Events such as the Calamity in Springdale. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information

  • Recommended Level: 8
  • Bosses: n/a


The Rite of the Ones Beneath Map

[map coming soon]


NPCs in the Area

  • n/a


  • n/a



Bonus Rewards:

  • Recruitable Hero

Building Resources

  • + 300

Recruitable Heroes



Enemy Type: Pict



  • Notes go here

Full The Rite of the Ones Beneath Walkthrough

Side Mission Introduction

"Picts are dragging away villagers from their homes and taking them to the ruins in the forest. Rumors are spreading about a haunted monastery and mysterious rumblings from underneath, which means that this could be an even more pressing matter than usual. I've also heard about a lonely knight pursuing the savages, a certain Sir Leodegrance. I remember him from Britannia. He could be a useful member of the Round Table."

Side Mission Completed Description

"We have stopped the unholy ritual of the Great Maggot. Sir Leodegrance, Lady Guinevere's father assisted the knights of Camelot with his wisdom and knowledge. He has certainly earned his seat at the Round Table."

The Rite of the Ones Beneath Side Mission Objectives

  • Locate the Pit
  • Stop the ritual
  • Leave the catacombs

Events that occur during the Side Mission, The Rite of the Ones Beneath.

No events took place during the side mission.

Locate the Pit

As soon as you start the mission, you will come across an NPC being attacked by a Worm of the Deep, as you follow it, it will lead you to an ambush and this wil be your first battle for the mission. This battle will be fairly easy as the enemies are only composed of Pict Warriors and Worms of the Deep. Once you've eliminated the enemies in the area, follow the path that leads you to the quest marker indicated on your map, you will come across a knight named Sir Leodegrance, he will introduce himself and explain the situation happening around the forest. He wants to stop the Moon Woman's ritual for summoning a Great Maggot for a transmogrification rite, and the Great Maggot needs a huge amount of mortal flesh to shed its skin. After your conversation, Sir Leodegrance will temporarily join your party for the rest of the mission.

Stop the ritual

  • Sir Leodegrance must survive

A quest marker will appear on your map, indicating where the ritual is being held. It is located at the south part of the map. From your current position, make your way through the hallway on the left, you will encounter your another group of enemies. There wil be a number of Pict Warriors, Worm of the Deep, as well as Painted Bowmen in the area, and all the enemies are positioned in front of your heroes. Sir Leodegrance warns you to be wary of the archers, so it is recommended that you take them out first. After clearing the area, there's a chest at the bottom right corner of the room for you to loot. You can now proceed to follow the quest marker, head down south and you will come across the Picts in the middle of the ritual already. Then the Picts performing the ritual will be sacrificed, and the Great Maggot will rise from the ground, as well as six Worms of the Deep. Eliminate the creatures as well as the Great Maggot to continue. There's a chest located at the top-right corner of the room for you to loot afterwards.

Leave the catacombs

A quest marker will appear on your map indicating the location of where you can escape from the catacombs, as you can see, there will already be a couple of enemies in the area as indicated on your map with the red dots and square icons, so better rest up at a campfire or heal your heroes if needed. Once you've reached the area, you will encounter a group of Picts guarding the area, now the Worms of the Deep are on your side. The enemies are composed of two Pict Warriors, two Painted Bowmen, and two Pict Chosen along with the enemy named Drustanus. After eliminating the enemies in the area, you now finish the mission or continue exploring the area. Now Sir Leodegrance will officially join your Knights of the Round Table.



The Rite of the Ones Beneath Map

Map Coming Soon





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