Game Progress Route for King Arthur: Knight's Tale features a recommended progression path for the main campaign of the game, it aims to provide important points of the game to avoid any missing important aspects such as relevant Locations, NPCs, Items, as well as involved Enemies and Bosses that are encountered. For guides and a list of quests, click here, and if you want to check a detailed guide for each location, you may visit our Walkthrough page.


King Arthur: Knight's Tale Game Progress Route



Begin through the tutorial phase of the Prologue and enter your first stages of combat. This is where players will meet Sir Kay, their first recruitable hero. After locating Sir Kay, your main objective is to escape the duneons and leave the secret sanctuary. Defeat Sir Tewelyn and his men in the final room and make your Event decision. This will effect your morality. Sir Mordred can choose to take this throne or leave it and make the Round Table. This decision will complete the Prologue. 

Your next main mission is Among the Ruins. You will meet two new heroes, Sir Balan and Lady Dindraine. Help them when it comes down to battle and free the village plundered by a marauder knight in Kingstone. Lady Dindraine will join you after this mission and you can move on to the Bridge of Sorrow (Mission)

Clear the three main areas on the Bridge of Sorrow after clearing the first bridge. Clear the tower, chapel and the other bridge. You will also meet Sir Balin and he will need to survive these battles. At the end of the mission, Sir Mordred will need to make a decision who to pledge the Bridge to, Sir Balin (Tyrant) or Sir Balan (Rightful). Upon the completion of this mission, players can also choose to participate in Fire with Fire where Sir Ector can be recruited.

Head to The Cursed Ship to locate the ship that brought the dying Arthur to Avalon. You will also meet Sir Tristan at the ship. Set the Balefire for Sir Tristan and he will join your Round Table. Finally Follow the Road to the Heart of Midnight, keep the Hermit alive, cleanse the Shrines of the Lady of the Lake and then finally kill the Knight of Midnight.



According to the Lady of the Lake you may need to answer the call of Lady Guinevere. Help her with her castle to receive some guidance in the future. Defeat the raiders and the catapult there to move on. After this mission, you may choose to complete The Sadness of Sir Tegyr to recruit Sir Tegyr and The Knight of Thorns to recruit Sir Brunor le Noir

The next step is The Confrontation to face the Fisher King. After the confrontation Sir Mordred will realize that they may need to retrieve The Excalibur. This is where you will Meet Sir Percivale and find the Excalibur together. Unfortunately it was found broken so you will need to find a way to reforge it. The Chosen can also be done before reforging the weapon. The only man who could be capable of restoring the Excalibur is a mysterious Sidhe, a blacksmith who works with magic This Artificer, as he is called, is presently held captive in a Pict camp as a servant to none other than Morgawse. Find the Artificer during The Witch Queen mission. The Hermit will join you for the mission and must survive. At the end of the missions, players can choose who to side with, Merlin or Lady Morgawse.

Finally locate the The Fisher King and kill him.



The next step is to venture Into the Deepwood. You will meet Sir Gawain and he must survive. Sir Gawain must Survive. During this mission you must kill the Seelie Lord for his blood, ask the druid to call the Unseelie and kill the Lady of Winter for her blood. Then, visit the Sidhe Shrine and kill the guardians of the gate. After this mission, players can participate in the side missions, Cave of Shadows and The Wild Hunt.

Your next main mission will be Beyond the Veil. Here, you'll meet Faerie Knight. Together you must find and close the five portals around the map. Each of them will end in a battle. In the end you will need ot make another decision. Faerie Knight or Sir Gawain: Choose which hero should join your Round Table. Players can also choose to do the side mission, The Battle of the Chasm. 

Then head to The Seelie Court.The main objective will be to find the Crystal of Light. Explore the area and complete the final ritual here. You will need to explore each of the glades. There will four to explore where you may face some Seelie enemies. This also where you can complete the Sidhe Slayer challenge. Finally complete the final ritual at eh final glade. There will also be a hidden glade in the area to explore. Complete this before repeating the sequence at The Unseelie Court. They want to undertake the ritual of the Unseelie Court. Here you will meet Icefang. He must stay alive as you follow Shiannan the Nightveil throughout the map and clear the Unseelie. You will end up taking the Touch of the Moon from Shiannan the Nightveil with the help of Icefang. Additional objectives include: Free the captive women and Rescue the slaves (6) which can be unlocked by exploring the map

Finally do the Heart of the Deepwood (Mission) where you must kill the Green Knight in a boss fight. Initial interacts include an encounter with Nightveil. You can give her a chance to join your party as you venture across the map. You will have a objective location marked on the map and you can follow the arrow on the mini map. Follow the marker till you reach the Green Knight where you will enter a cutscene and a boss fight to finish off the mission and to wrap up act 3. The warlock will summon two portals that will summon various Seelie and Unsseelie enemies. Cleat he crystal gates to prevent more enemies from prolonging the final battle. Defeat the Green Knight and complete the mission. Side missions such as The Wild Hunt Returns and Order of Seraphim will also become available if was not unlocked. 



The next objective will be to find the mysterious knight to find Arthur's last fragment. You will be facing Fomorian enemies. Your main objectives are to Find the Unknown Knight, Visit the strange Statue, then Find the druid and protect him. Visit each of the camps and clear them of the Fomorian enemies. At theAdditional objectives include: Rescue the villagers, Save the merchant's brother. With Prayer and Incense is a side mission that can be completed at this point. 

The Gathering requires you to clear the Picts in the area to get close to find the last fragment of King Arthur's soul. Keep Initiate Saffron safe during the mission. Take him to find King Arhur, following the objective location directions. Follow the arrow directions on the map to clear the way to the Spine Bridge which will lead you to Arthur after you clear the bridge guard. This will be to the right of the bridge (South on the map) a ritual will already be commencing so your next step if to hold off your heroes, keep the Initiate Saffron and guide him close to the rock to move on to the next step. Finish off this final battle to complete the mission. Clear the battles on the map to complete The Beastmaster and move on to The Gathering. Players can also choose to complete the side mission, Bad Omens. 

The Reckoning is the final main mission where you will finally face King Arthur and defeat him to complete the main story. A number of Side Missions will become available upon the completion of this mission: Forsaken Cathedral, Infernal Triumvirate, Forest of the Fallen, Cult of Midnight, Besieged by the Undead, The Raid, The Knight in Red. 


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