The Wild Hunt is a Side Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The The Wild Hunt mission is part of Act 3 and it is located at Golant Monastery. The main objective for this side mission is to defend the village. Completing this mission may unlock the next Side Mission(s) The Return of the White Knight and The Return of the King, as well as Events such as Minstrel in Distress and Shadows from the Past. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information

  • Recommended Level: 12
  • Bosses: n/a


The Wild Hunt Map

[map coming soon]


NPCs in the Area

  • Elite Guard
  • Druid


  • n/a



Bonus Rewards:

  • High amount of experience

Building Resources

  • + 300

Recruitable Heroes

  • n/a



Enemy Type: Seelie, Unseele



  • Notes go here

Full The Wild Hunt Walkthrough

Side Mission Introduction

"We don't know much about the Wild Hunt, except that it seems to be a gathering of the most fearsome Sidhe warriors who occasionally strike out of the Deepwood and sweep through our lands like a devastating storm. The Wild Hunt appeared again and it moves towards a village where we could try to stop them."

Side Mission Completed Description

"This time we stopped the Wild Hunt attacking the village. I'm afraid that this was only one of the many attacks to come. Even if we have a decent number of troops, I'm not sure they always will be a match for the Sidghe. We must be alert at all times."

The Wild Hunt Side Mission Objectives

  • Defend the guardpost
  • Find and kill the commanders of the Wild Hunt (2/2)


Events that occur during the Side Mission, The Wild Hunt.

No events took place during the side mission.


Defend the guardpost

Upon starting the mission, an Elite Guard explains to you the situation, how the village has been destroyed and many lives were lost. Now the Side devils retreated but it won't take long. The guard says they took the survivors to a safe place and set up two guardposts around the village. After your conversation with the guard, the Sidhe will arrive and this will be your first battle for the mission, the Elite Guard and his men will accompany during this battle. There will be a number of enemies during this encounter, and after the enemies' first turn, more enemies will spawn from the right side,  then after their second turn, three more will spawn from the right. Since the guards will fight alongside you, take full advantage of them as shields and take out the ranged enemies first, and you can close in to the melee enemies and tank them while having the guards' support. Once you've cleared the area, you have completed the first objective.

Find and kill the commanders of the Wild Hunt (2/2)

After completing the first objective, make your way to the south-east corner of the map, you will encounter the first commander of the Wild Hunt, this will be your second battle. You can do a surprise attack by choosing the option to attack instead of continuing the conversation with the Seelie Lord. Eliminate the enemies in the area to continue.

Now make your way to the north-east corner of the map and along the way you'll encounter the Lady of Winter, the second commander of the Wild Hunt, they will ambush you, so enemies will spawn in all corners around your heroes. You need to eliminate the Lady of Winter along with her men to complete the objective, and once you've cleared the area, you can then finish the mission or explore the rest of the map.


The Wild Hunt Map

Map Coming Soon





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