Sir Galahad

Class Defender
Morality _morality_
Traits _trait_
vitality-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px _vitality_ hit-points-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px _hitpoints_
armor-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px _armor_ action-points-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px _actionpoints_
base-damage-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px _bsedmg_ block-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px _block_
physical-resistance-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px _phyres_ mental-resistance-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px _menres_
injury-counter-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px _injcounter_ curse-counter-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px _cursecounter_

Sir Galahad is a Hero (Character) in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Heroes are the recruitable and playable characters in the game. In King Arthur: Knight's Tale, players can choose from more than 30 Heroes of 6 diverse classes to assemble an efficient team and to combine hundreds of skills and artifacts. Gather your own Knights of the Round Table and send them on knightly quests.


One of the famous Grail Knights of the Round Table, Sir Galahad was relentlessly pursuing the holy relic his entire life. As a devout believer with a mysterious past – legends claim that he was a heathen savage until he saw a vision that made him a Christian knight and set him after the Grail – Galahad is capable of doing great miracles.

His feverish quest, however, slowly transformed him into a merciless zealot who smites down his enemies without any second thoughts and who is blinded by the light that shines so brightly around him.


Sir Galahad Information

Base Stats:

  • Class: _class_
  • Morality: _morality_
  • Traits: _trait_
  • Vitality: _vitality_
  • Hit Points: _hitpoints_
  • Armor: _armor_
  • Action Points: _actionpoints_

Battle Stats:

  • Base Damage: _bsedmg_
  • Block: _block_
  • Physical Resistance: _phyres_
  • Mental Resistance: _menres_
  • Injury Counter: _injcounter_
  • Curse Counter: _cursecounter_


Sir Galahad Skills

Tier 1

  • T1 Skills

Tier 2

  • T2 Skills

Tier 3

  • T3 Skills


How to Recruit Sir Galahad

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Sir Galahad Biography

Hero's Biography


Notes & Tips

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