Weapon One-Handed
Armor Heavy Armour
Block 30%
Vitality 20
Hit Points 15
Injury Counter 2
Curse Counter 1

Defender is a Class in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Defenders excel at staying alive on the battlefield because of their use of Heavy Armour and Block. This allows them to mitigate much of the damage that is dealt to them, and when combined with high Hit Points, they are nearly impossible to kill. Defenders are the "Tank" Class of King Arthur: Knight's Tale, and they should be out front soaking up damage instead of your other Heroes.


Defender Heroes

Listed below are the following Heroes that specialize in this class:



Defender Equipment



Defender Skills


  • Strike: Deals 100% damage to an adjacent enemy.
  • Toughness: Restore 1 HP at the start of every turn.
  • Armourer: +25 HP from Armour type items.
  • Strong Willed: +20 Mental Resistance
  • DoT Resistance: Every DoT affects the Hero for 1 less turn (cannot be reduced below 1 turn).
  • Robust: Vitality is increased by 3.


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Defender Notes & Tips

  • Position your Defender somewhere it can block the path of enemies, and equip it with items that provide Armour return, such as Scroll of Victory.
  • Lighten Armour is a fantastic Mastery to take since it allows you to wear better Armour while reducing the Armor Penalty to Action Points by 1.


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