Sir Tristan

Class Vanguard
Morality Neutral
Traits Lost, Allegiance, Tough
vitality-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px 26 (lvl 4) hit-points-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px 37
armor-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px 4 action-points-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px 8
base-damage-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px 6 - 12 block-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px 0%
physical-resistance-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px 0% mental-resistance-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px 0%
injury-counter-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px 2 curse-counter-stat-icon-king-arthur-kingts-tale-wiki-guide-20px 1

Sir Tristan is a Hero (Character) in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Heroes are the recruitable and playable characters in the game. In King Arthur: Knight's Tale, players can choose from more than 30 Heroes of 6 diverse classes to assemble an efficient team and to combine hundreds of skills and artifacts. Gather your own Knights of the Round Table and send them on knightly quests.




Sir Tristan Information

Base Stats:

  • Class: Vanguard
  • Morality: Neutral
  • Traits: Lost, Allegiance, Tough
  • Vitality: 26
  • Hit Points: 37
  • Armor: 4
  • Action Points: 8

Battle Stats:

  • Base Damage: 6 - 12
  • Block: 0%
  • Physical Resistance: 0%
  • Mental Resistance: 0%
  • Injury Counter: 2
  • Curse Counter: 1


Sir Tristan Skills

Tier 1

  • Strike:Deal 75% damage to an adjacent enemy two times. 
  • Bear Trap: Places a Hidden trap on an empty tile. Trap deals 100% damage and causes Slow for 1 turn(s). The Vanguard can have 5 active traps.
  • Subtle: Enemies get a 1 tile range penalty to spotting the Vanguard.
  • Master of Traps: +1 range to Trap skills.
  • Scout:Detects enemy traps in tiles equal to the Perception stats. Gains 1 Movement AP each turn. +1 Perception.
  • Low Profile: Enemies prioritize any other targets in their range over the Vanguard and completely ignore the Hero farther than 6 tiles away.
  • Counter Attack: The Hero responds to every frontal attack received with a Strike.

Tier 2

  • T2 Skills

Tier 3

  • T3 Skills


How to Recruit Sir Tristan

  • Sir Tristan is recruited during the Mission, The Cursed Ship. During the first objective "Explore the ship that brought the king here", you will eventually battle the Lost Knight along with his companions. You will then encounter Sir Tristan, who will only reveal the information he has on King Arthur if you help him lift his curse. Sir Tristan will continue to be a part of the party after you complete the mission.


Sir Tristan Biography

Hero's Biography


Notes & Tips

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