Bridge of Sorrow (Mission)

Mission Type Main Mission
Location Bridge of Sorrow
Boss n/a
Prev. Mission: Among the Ruins
Next Mission: The Cursed Ship

Bridge of Sorrow (Mission) is a Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale, this mission tasks players to take back the castle at the Bridge of Sorrow (Mission) and cross to the other side. . Missions are various tasks that a player can acquire and enlist throughout the game, missions are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. Completing a quest also grants various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey.


The Bridge of Sorrow (Mission) spans the chasm that separates these woods from the shore where I'm hoping to find the trail of Arthur. The castle that is guarding the passage is about to fall in the battle against the creatures of darkness that threaten Camelot. I must protect the fortress before it's too late. There is also some brotherly rivalry going on between the heirs, so this is shaping up to be an interesting undertaking again. 


Bridge of Sorrow (Mission) Recruitable Heroes


Bridge of Sorrow (Mission) Rewards


Bridge of Sorrow (Mission) Objectives

Take back the castle at the Bridge of Sorrow (Mission) and cross to the other side. 

Required Hero: Sir Mordred

  1. Explore the fortress.
  2. Sir Balan must survive. 
  3. Sir Balin must survive.
  4. Clear the tower.
  5. Clear the chapel.
  6. Clear the other bridge. 


Bridge of Sorrow (Mission) Enemies

  1. Lost Commoner
  2. Lost Crossbowman
  3. Lost Squire
  4. Lost Skirmisher


Bridge of Sorrow (Mission) Map

Map for this mission.


Bridge of Sorrow (Mission) Walkthrough

Approach the Fortress until you come across some dialogue. Continue looking for an entry way until Sir Balin approaches you. Enter the fortress and cross the bridge. You will eventually come across a small battle against some Lost Commoners on the bridge. Clear the battle to continue. You will now have access to Bear Traps available during combat as well. Once the battle is cleared, continue through the fortress. Your new objects are to clear the different areas of the Fortress. These areas are marked with the red arrows on your mini map. Follow the directions on the minimap to reach these different locations. They wil be indicated with a red flag. Cross the red indicators to initiate your battles. 


Clear the Tower

If you approach the closest building, they will suggest not entering just yet as there are a large amount of dead inside. Instead, enter the Keep to initiate a battle against a few Lost Crossbowmen. Clearing this area will complete the objective "Clear the Tower."  You will then be free to explore the area. There will be one chest located on the balcony that will contain some gold and jewelry. If you continue through one exit, it will lead you to another bridge.


Clear the other bridge

Continue forward to initiate another battle. A short scene will focus on the pillar at the end of the bridge. This sill keep summoning more dead, so your goal is to destroy it. Once it is destroyed, destroy the the rest of enemies in the area to clear the bridge. 


Clear the Fortress

Once the bridge area is cleared, return to the fortress to where the buildings are and locate the chapel.  Follow the red arrow on your minimap to head in the right direction. Cross the red indicators to initiate a battle and deploy your Heroes. Clear the chapel then you can leave the fortress to complete the mission. 


Leave the fortress

Follow the red arrow out. Use the shrine if you haven't already. There will also be a campire in the area to take a rest. Follow the icons on the minimap to explore all features available in the area. At the edge of the map there will also be a Bell of Midnight just right of the chapel. Interact with it and Sir Balin will say that it is cursed and touching it brings ill luck. You will still have the option to further interact with the bell. 

Your last task would be to decide who the bridge belongs to. This will determine who remains or joins your Round Table. Finish the Mission to exit, 


 "I helped out the two bickering brothers, Balin and Balan, and defeated the army of the dead that besieged the castle at the Bridge of Sorrow (Mission) and made a decision about the fate of the land. NNow the road is clear to the other side of the chasm, where monsters roam and somewhere in the darkness Kind Arthur awaits. "


Bridge of Sorrow (Mission) Notes & Tips

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