Heart of Midnight (Mission) is a Main Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The Heart of Midnight (Mission) mission is part of Act 1 and it is located at the Heart of Midnight. Tasks players to Kill the Knight of Midnight. This is the Last Main Mission in Act 1. Complete this mission to begin Act 2. Sir Mordred is a required hero for this mission. Completing this mission unlocks the next main mission, The Besieged Castle, as well as possible events such as Retiring Vassals and A Natural Order. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information


Heart of Midnight (Mission) Map

[map coming soon]


NPCs in the Area

  • Hermit




  • Bonus Reward: Increased chance to Relic loot

Building Resources

  • +500

Recruitable Heroes

  • n/a



Enemy Type: The Lost



  • Notes go here

Full Heart of Midnight (Mission) Walkthrough

Main Mission Introduction

"This place used to be the sacred lake of the Lady, now it is the Heart of Midnight. The Lady of the Lake tried to heal Arthur back to life here, buthe turned into darkess incarnated. I must destroy the king and fulfill my destiny."

Main Mission Completed Description

"I defeated the Knight of Midnight but its abomination was only the rotting husk of Arhur's mortal body. When the Lady tried to heal the king back to life, the battle sent the Lady into a death-like dream, but at the same time her magic tore Arthur into fragments, four very powerful apects of the Once and Knight of Midnight was only one of them: I need to destroy the other three before the Lady will set me free. the Lady promised me guidance that I should. "

Heart of Midnight (Mission) Main Mission Objectives

  • Follow the Road to the Heart of Midnight
  • Hermit must survive
  • Cleanse the Shrines of the Lady of the Lake
  • Reach the Heart of Midnight
  • Kill the Knight of Midnight

Events that occur during the Main Mission, Heart of Midnight (Mission).

  • There are no events that occur during this mission 

This mission will begin with a small dialogue from the Lady of the Lake. Follow the path directly forward and you will encounter a Hermit.  He will say the Lady was almost destroyed here, but cleanse her shrines and the waters will fill you with might. You will have a chance to invite him as well, but the Lady of the Lake will advise against it . With him on your party, he must survive. 


Cleanse the Shrines of the Lady of the Lake

  • Hermit must survive

Continue until a scene of the Shrine appears and you will see a Shrine Maiden, Lady Blanche, the Maiden of the Lake. This will begin a battle. Defeat her and the enemies in the area to clease this shrine. Focus on the Shrine Maiden first. She won't be difficult to defeat. The rest of the enemies will consist of Shrine Servants and other common enemies such as Lost Commoners. Clearing the area will unlock the Shrine of the Maiden. Interact with it to cleanse the shrine and use it.  They will mention the three aspects of the Lady - Maiden, Motehr and Crone, each with a Shrine. Since the shrine has been cleansed, it can deliver a blessing: Lasting bless. You can choose a hero to receive the blessing.  If you take a look at your map you will be able to see a faint outline of all shrine locations. This first one should be the Shrine of the Maiden. Loot the chest in the area then continue. 

shrine maiden heart of midnight locations arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min min min

You must cleanse the shrines to continue. Depending on where you go next you will either encounter a Shrine Nymph or a Shrine Hag. 

  • Shrine Nymph

Another Shrine nearby will be guarded by the Shrine Nymph. Her Shrine, once cleansed will grant: Lasting Swiftness. Contunue exploring until you reach the Asylum of the Lady, which will be located on the southwest corner of the map. This area will also be heavily guarded. The Lost Knight will say that you have enter the sacred glade of the lady. Clear the battle and loot the chest behind the shrine. Head to the next shrine by heading north. 

  • Shrine Hag 

The next shrine northwill be protected by a Shrine Hag. Clear this shrine. Aside from the Shrine hag, you will be facing Lost Squre and Lost Skirmisher enemies. If this is the last shrine, the next step is to enter the Heart of Midnight. Before you leave, take your blessing from the third shrine: Lasting Protection. Take a rest at the campire and head east.

shrine of the hag heart of midnight locations arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min min min


Reach the Heart of Midnight

East of the map, head across the pier area. Once you cross, the Hermit will leave. Before heading into the main objective area, there will be a shrine you can use just straight ahead. When you are ready head to the center area and you will face the main battle. 

knight heart of midnight locations arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min min min

The Shrine Guardians will return to fight alongside the Knight of Midnight. Beware when finishing them off first as at any point mid-battle the Knight has the ability to summon more enemies for you to fight against. Focus your attacks on the Knight of Midnight. Once you kill of the Knight, the mission will be free to complete. Loot the area then finish the mission. 





Heart of Midnight (Mission) Map

Map Coming Soon





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