Among the Ruins is a Main Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The Among the Ruins mission is part of Act 1 and it is located at Kingstone. The objective is to free the village from a marauding knight and put the remaining serfs to work in Camelot. Completing this mission unlocks the next main mission, Bridge of Sorrow, as well as Events such as Pillagers of Kingstone. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information


Among the Ruins Map

among the ruins map king arthur knights tale wiki guide 300px min


NPCs in the Area


  • n/a



  • Bonus Reward: Recruitable Hero
  • Bonus Reward: Resource Reward

Building Resources

  • +1500

Recruitable Heroes


Enemy Type: Brigand



  • Notes go here

Full Among the Ruins Walkthrough

Main Mission Introduction

"The nearby Kingstone is plundered by a marauder knight. Kingstone! What a regal name for a mudhole. Anyway, the village belongs to the throne and I must teach these brigands a harsh lesson about boundaries. Also, I will need plenty of masons, woodcutters, and laborers to restore Camelot to its former glory."

Main Mission Completed Description

"The marauder knight of Kinstone is no more. His fate could serve as an example for those who dare defy the will of Camelot. His cassals and a ruined village remains.
I have also met two fellow knights. Sir Balon told me that the darkness enroaching Avalon is coming through the Bridge of Sorrow. I need to go there."

Among the Ruins Main Mission Objectives

  • Sir Balan must survive
  • Lady Dindraine must survive
  • Free the Village
  • Protect the Villager (Wave x2)
  • Help Sir Balan

Events that occur after the Main Mission, Among the Ruins.

Camelot Reborn: Every lord needs a castle and I knew it from the very beginning that I will rule this realm from CAmelot. Finally the time is right. We have gatehre the resources and the manpower to rebuild that majestic ruin. Camelot will shine a bright light into the gaterering darkness of Avalon.

You will only have one option:

  • Let Camelot rise again. (Building Resource cost:1000)

Pillagers of Kingstone: The defeat of marauder knight of Kingstone was a harsh lesson for all scoundrels pillaging the countryside - and a pleasant exercise for me. His remaining henchment immediately laid down their weapons and offered their servitiude. How admirably they crave retribution. I could give them a second chance and recruit them -  on the other hand, I should satisfy the vengeance of the villagers and make an example that could reinforce my reign. What shall it be? 

This is a time limited event and will state that you've X mission(s) left to finish this event. 

  • rightul morality personality king arthur knights tale wiki guide 136px+ 1 Rightful. Put the captured marauders to sword. It is a harsh verdict, but the acts they committed in Kinstone cannot be tolerated.
  • tyrant morality personality king arthur knights tale wiki guide 136px + Tyrant. Recruit them as henchemn. Justice can wait. In these dire times we need expandable soldiers.  (Adds +60 Building Resource)


Free the Village

starting point among the ruins early access king arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px

Upon starting the mission, you will enter the Village of Kingstone. Turn left near the starting point where you'll find a small hut. There's a body near the wooden logs that you can loot to obtain gold. Now keep going straight and you'll trigger the first battle encounter where you'll also find Sir Balan.

sir balan encounter among the ruins early access king arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px

This battle is quite easy, but Sir Balan mustn't die! There are three enemy units here and they are all facing behind Sir Mordred and Sir Kay, so position both of them behind each one so you can inflict backstab attack that has increased damage. The three enemy units will be busy fighting Sir Balan and he will also help you out. After you defeat the three enemy units, speak to Sir Balan and he will join the party.

lady dindraine encounter among the ruins early access king arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px

Next, keep going straight where you'll come across a pile of dead bodies, you'll trigger the second enemy encounter. Here, you'll start off by deploying your heroes at the green area before starting the battle. You may want to place Sir Balan on the far left side so you can quickly kill the archer unit and have Sir Kay and Sir Mordred fight in the midsection against the melee enemy units. Don't stress yourself out with the archer enemy units since after three or two turns, Lady Dindraine, a Marksman class hero, joins the battle and helps you. She is capable of killing the enemies here with just one shot. After the battle, you'll talk to her and she'll permanently join your party - before proceeding forward, make sure to check the loot chest on the right-hand side of the battle area near the pile of rocks. There is also a lootable barrel in front of now of the huts in the area. 

npc villager encounter among the ruins early access king arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px

As you move forward, you'll come across an intersection, if you go west, you'll trigger a third enemy encounter where you'll see an NPC villager asking for your aid. The objective is to protect the villager and clear out two waves of enemy units. This is quite easy, all you have to do is position Sir MordredSir Kay, and Sir Balan in a straight horizontal line and use overwatch, while you can issue Lady Dindraine to shoot one enemy within her radius and use the remaining AP for overwatch, this way, you can automatically attack an enemy that walks within the overwatch's radius. The enemies here are just normal bandits so they are quite easy to kill. After clearing the enemy units, speak to the villager to receive some gold and if you check further, near the hut, you'll also find a dead body that you can loot.

shrine encounter among the ruins early access king arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px

Now, go back to the intersection and take the opposite path where you'll find a Shrine. A shrine grants the selected Hero a random positive or negative effect. To identify the type of effect that the shrine offers, you'll need to have a hero in your team that has high Spellpower. If you continue going east, before reaching the main objective, you'll come across a bonfire which is a resting area where you can choose to recover the party's Armour or Hit Points. After using the bonfire, keep moving forward until you come across a ruin site where you'll have to kill the remaining enemies who have taken over the village.

final battle encounter among the ruins early access king arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px

Before starting, you will need to deploy your units on the green area. A good tactic here is to place Lady Dindraine and Sir Balan on the right side so that both of them can flank the enemy units from behind, while Sir Mordred and Sir Kay will be on the center of the section, this way, the enemies will focus on the two, while Lady Dindraine and Sir Balan attack from behind. Clear out all the enemy units to finish the mission, and before leaving, make sure to open the chest that's in the middle of the area to find some loot. After you complete the mission you will find that Lady Dindraine has joined you and will be available for future missions. 




Among the Ruins Map

among the ruins map king arthur knights tale wiki guide 300px min





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