The Cursed Ship is a Main Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The The Cursed Ship mission is part of Act 1 and it is located at Whispering Cove. Players will be tasked to find the ship that brought King Arthur to Avalon. Completing this mission unlocks the next main mission Heart of Midnight. Other notable events such as Awakening Spirits and the Side Mission, The Haunted Forest may also be available after this quest. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information

The Cursed Ship Map

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Building Resources

  • +500

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Enemy Type: The Lost



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Full The Cursed Ship Walkthrough

Main Mission Introduction

"The ship that brought the dying Arthur to Avalon sailed to the Whispering Cove, but a terrible storm arose and that was the last time anyone heard of the Once and Future King. We need to locate the ship first, then the king. Sir Balin tells me that the area is infeeted with the living dead."

Main Mission Completed Description

"I found the ship that brought the king to Avalon and rescued Sir Tristan from his curse that bound him to the wreckage. I learned that the Lady took Arthur away from here, something terrible happened to him and the king returned as the monstrous Knight of Midnight. He is hiding not far from here, in the Heart of Midnight."

The Cursed Ship Main Mission Objectives

  • Explore the ship that brought the king here
  • Light up the Balefire and set Sir Tristan free
  • Sir Tristan must survive

Events that occur during the Main Mission, The Cursed Ship.

  • n/a

Explore the ship that Brought the King here

Begin the mission and follow the path. Loot the body on the way. It will be towards the left of the path. Keep going on the path. Soon, the Lady of the Lake will point it the ship you were looking for as the camera pans over to the ship. Continue down the same path. A banshee will soon interrupt your path. There will be a fork in the path and if you head in the opposite direction of the objective, you will trigger a battle against the Walking Dead that will emerge from the ground. Clear them to continue. You can also now access the Shrine behind them and use it. Just behind the Shrine there will be another lootable spot. 

start the cursed ship main missions arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min

A few steps down and you will reach the Ravaged beach where a dialogue will interrupt and show the shore. There will be a campfire in the area to take a rest. If you continue through the camping spot, the Banshee will once again appear and tell you to leave. This time, it will initiate a battle. Most of the enemies in the area have lower HP, but the Banshee will stand at 140 HP.

banshee encounter the cursed ship main missions arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min Take note of the position of the Ranged enemies and try to stay out of range, while focusing your attacks on the Banshee. Her HP doesn't have to fully deplete to end the battle. Once she reaches around 90 HP she will leave and take the Lost with her. Once the battle against the Banshee has been cleared you may explore the vicinity if you haven't alraedy.  There will be a few shelter spots and a area to loot under a tarpaulin structure and a campfire to rest at. 

tarp loot the cursed ship main missions arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min

When you are done, continue following the marker. Loot the pile of rocks on the path. Continue until you reach the Shipwreck. Enter the ship area and you will trigger another battle. Be prepared to face the Lost Knight, but there will be only 5-6 enemies to defeat in this area. Once the area is cleared, you could now reach Sir Tristan.

Speak to him to continue. 

Light up the Balefire and set Sir Tristan Free

Along the shoreline, you might notice a hollow indigo cicle indicator on your minimap. An NPC ghost will be located here. A ghost will ask your your help cutting the chain that ties him to the shore. In exchange, he offers a gift that was buried in the sea. Choosing to help him requires a selected hero to lose 15 HP for the mission. If you proceed with helping him, he will reward you with an item.

ghost the cursed ship main missions arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min

From just behind the ship, take the stairs up. When you see some shrubs atop the stairs, there will be something for you to loot. There will be a campfire just up the stairs to take a rest to the right. If you continue forward without crossing the bridge, you will reach the Ruined Castle and the Banshee will return and initiate another battle.

castle the cursed ship main missions arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min

Keep in mind that you will be going against a few enemies with spears and crossbows. Plant your bear traps if they are available. Focus on defeating the ranged enemies first on the ones closest to you. Then finish off the banshee. She leaves at around 55 HP. After clearing the area you can now take a look around. If you approach the tomb, you will trigger some dialogue. There will also be a chest to loot in the area before you leave. Exit the Ruined Castle. This time cross the bridge and they will reveal the magical Balefire. A dialogue will interrupt.

balefire the cursed ship main missions arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min

Prepare for another battle with the Banshee. Just as before, defeat the enemies in the area and the Banshee to continue.  Once the area is cleared, you may now light the Balefire. A short dialogue between Sir Tristan and Isolde will begin. Then Sir Tristan will say that it was actually Isolde's curse that was lifted. Down closer to the shore there will be one last chest to loot. The mission can now be completed. 




The Cursed Ship Map

Map Coming Soon





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