Whispering Cove

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The ship that brought the dying Arthur to Avalon is said to have sailed to Whispering Cove, but the area is known to be infested with the living dead.

Whispering Cove is a Location in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The different locations feature the various areas and lands that can be explored within Avalon. Playrs will be able to see the entirety of the land presented on a strategic map, observe all fiefdoms and secret corners, select your missions and explore various places. It is important to take note that locations can only be viewed while you are at the adventure map and entering a location only occurs when you embark on a Mission.


Whispering Cove Related Quests

Listed below are the following Missions related to Whispering Cove:

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Side Mission/s:


Whispering Cove Related Events


Whispering Cove NPCs & Heroes

Listed below are the following NPCs and Heroes who can be found in Whispering Cove:


Whispering Cove Notes and Tips

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