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Weapon Ranged Weapon
Armor Light Armour
Block 0%
Vitality 10
Hit Points 15
Injury Counter 0
Curse Counter 2

Marksman is a Class in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Marksman excel at dealing damage from range with a Ranged Weapon, but perform poorly in melee combat and when engaged by one or more enemies. They wear Light Armour and have less Vitality than some other Classes, making them a bit of a glass cannon.


Marksman Heroes

Listed below are the following Heroes that specialize in this class:



Marksman Equipment



Marksman Skills


  • Shoot: Ranged attack that deals 100% damage.
  • Fleet Footed: Gains 1 movement AP every turn.
  • Cover Expert: +10% damage dealt from cover.
  • Scout: Discovers Hidden objects and enemies from +1 range. Gains 1 Movement AP each turn.
  • Adrenaline: Gains 1 AP when killing an enemy.
  • Ready: +20% Overwatch damage.


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Marksman Notes & Tips

  • Try to pick off enemies that might damage your melee units first, to prevent them from taking damage.
  • Use Marksman to take out enemy ranged units to prevent them from firing upon you and your melee units unchecked. 
  • Don't forget to use Overwatch with Marksman when you have no easy target. It can often kill enemies that move into its range.


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