Weapon Staff
Armor Light Armour
Block 0%
Vitality 10
Hit Points 15
Mental Resistance 20%
Injury Counter 0
Curse Counter 2

Arcanist is a Class in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Arcanist excel at dealing damage from range with a Staff Weapon, but perform poorly in melee combat and when engaged by one or more enemies. They wear Light Armour and have less Vitality than some other Classes, making them a bit of a glass cannon. They can also cast spells that debuff and control enemies, making it easier for your party to deal with enemies.


Arcanist Heroes

Listed below are the following Heroes that specialize in this class:



Arcanist Equipment



Arcanist Skills


  • Force Bolt: Shoots an arrow of raw energy to the target, dealing 100% damage.
  • Curse: Target is Slowed for 2 turn(s).
  • Magical Armour: At the start of every encounter gain 6 Armor that will only protect you from the first hit.
  • Master of Curses: +30% Hex intensity.
  • Extra Damage: Deals 10% more damage.
  • Long Reach: Range of skills are increased by 1.
  • Master Alchemist: Potion effects on the Arcanist increased by 25%.


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Arcanist Notes & Tips

  • Try to pick off enemies that might damage your melee units first, to prevent them from taking damage.
  • Use Arcanist to take out enemy ranged units to prevent them from firing upon you and your melee units unchecked. 
  • Don't forget to use Overwatch with Arcanist when you have no easy target. It can often kill enemies that move into its range.


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