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Weapon Staff
Armor Medium Armour
Block 0%
Vitality ??
Hit Points 15
Injury Counter ??
Curse Counter ??

Sage is a Class in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Sage excel at dealing damage from range with a Staff Weapon, but perform poorly in melee combat and when engaged by one or more enemies. They wear Medium Armour and are tankier than Arcanists because of this. Sage is the latest class to become available during the June 2021 update. Sages are known for their selfless acts. They elevate others using boosting Spells to strengthen ally combatants. Sages are experts at providing utility for their team using frost-based magic, including protective barriers and ice walls.
Sir Leodegrance is the first Hero, who represents the Sage class in the early access. 


Sage Heroes

Listed below are the following Heroes that specialize in this class:



Sage Equipment

  • ???
  • ???



Sage Skills


  • Strike: Deals 100% damage to an adjacent enemy. 
  • Freezing Attack: Deals 50% damage to an adjacent enemy and Freezes it for 1 turn(s)
  • Bless: +30% damage to the selected ally for 1 turn(s).
  • Long Reach: The first supporting spell cast in the encounter costs 0 AP.
  • Mental Fort: +10 Mental Resistance.
  • Aura of Protection: +1 Armour to the caster and all adjacent allies.


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Sage Notes & Tips

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