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Weapon Two-Handed
Armor Heavy Armour
Block 0%
Vitality 20
Hit Points 15
Injury Counter 2
Curse Counter 0

Champion is a Class in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Champions excel at dealing damage in melee range with Two-Handed Weapons, as well as staying alive thanks to the Heavy Armour that they wear. You'll often find them on the battlefield going toe to toe with the biggest baddies the enemies can field, trading hits until only one is left standing.


Champion Heroes

Listed below are the following Heroes that specialize in this class:



Champion Equipment



Champion Skills


  • Strike: Deals 100% damage to an adjacent enemy,
  • Damage Focus: Gain +10% damage for every unspent AP from the previous turn.
  • Rage: Gain +10% stackable damage for 2 turns after every kill.
  • Extra Stun: +20% efficiency for Stun and Slow effects.
  • Extra Bleeding: +1 turn(s) duration for Bleeding effects.
  • Strength: Deals +10% more damage.


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Champion Notes & Tips

  • Use Overwatch to allow enemies to come to your Champion when possible to prevent them from taking damage. Position them just outside the range you think an enemy can move and attack to be safe.
  • Some Champions excel at single target DPS (Sir Balan), while others are good at AoE (Sir Kay). Pay attention to which yours is, and play to its strengths.


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