Gold 500
Building Resources 500
No. of Upgrades 5

Hospice is a Building in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Hospice requires 500 Gold and 500 Building Resources for it to be unlocked. Camelot and its buildings can only be accessed in the World Map of Avalon where you choose which Mission to take and view the stats or change equipment for your Heroes. Each building within Camelot requires a certain amount of Gold and Building Resources to unlock them.


Avalon can be a harsh and unforgiving place. Your wounded heroes need time and care to recover for the next knightly quest. The Hospice, offering comfortable beds and skilled healers, is the right place for that.


Hospice Information

  • Required Gold: 500
  • Required Building Resources: 500
  • Number of available upgrades: 5
  • The Hospice, offering comfortable beds and skilled healers, is the right place to recover lost Vitality.
  • The treatment takes time, and you won't be able to use a hero that is in treatment for a period of time.
  • Vitality Healing: During the free treatment 20% of the Hero's maximum vitality will be restored after every completed mission, but the treated Heroes must stay in the Hospice. If you have enough Gold, you can quickly heal your Heroes during one mission.
  • Upon unlocking this building, you start off with one Treatment Slot where the selected hero rests and heals.
  • Depending on the amount of Vitality that has been lost, a number next to an hourglass will tell you how many Missions you will have to complete before your hero fully recovers.
  • Sending a hero for treatment also requires a certain amount of Gold. If a hero is placed under treatment, you can bail them out, but you won't be able to recover the spent gold and a hero won't fully recover their Vitality back until you complete the required number of Missions.


Hospice Upgrades

Listed below are the following upgrades that can be unlocked for the Hospice:

Upgrade Gold Resources Effect
Medicines 1000 500 Vitality is increased by 25% per mission.
Medical Tools 500 1000 Vitality healing cost is reduced by 10%.
Expansion 1 500 500 Unlocks the 2nd Hero Slot.
Expansion 2 1000 1000 Unlocks the 3rd Hero Slot. Requires Expansion 1.
Expansion 3 1500 1500 Unlocks the 4th Hero Slot. Requires Expansion 2.



Morality Affecting the Hospice

  • 8 Rightful: Automatically unlocks Medicines for building development. Does not require the use of Gold and Building Resources.
  • 18 Christian: Unlocks the Large Hospices law. All heroes regain more Vitality in the hospice.
  • 14 Rightful and 14 Old-Faith: Unlocks the Old Faith Ritual Decree. The Hospice treats heroes faster but sometimes, it will be closed for a while.



Hospice Notes & Tips


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