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Gold 500
Building Resources 500
No. of Upgrades 8
Court Title Master of Faith

Cathedral is a Building in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Cathedral requires 500 Gold and 500 Building Resources for it to be unlocked. Camelot and its buildings can only be accessed in the World Map of Avalon where you choose which Mission to take and view the stats or change equipment for your Heroes. Each building within Camelot requires a certain amount of Gold and Building Resources to unlock them.


Towering above the timbered rooftops, this majestic building preaches the glory of the one true faith. The Cathedral offers salve not only for the soul but also for the body - you can heal the most grievous wounds of your knights here.


Cathedral Information

  • Required Gold: 500
  • Required Building Resources: 500
  • Number of available upgrades: 8
  • Requires the Hospice building to be unlocked first in order to rebuild the cathedral.
  • The Cathedral works similar to the Hospice, but instead, it heals the hero from abnormal status ailments and injuries.
  • For an additional Gold Fee, you can heal the Injuries of your heroes in one Turn. Otherwise you can treat them for free, but it takes more time.
  • During the treatment, you won't be able to use the treated Heroes on missions.


Cathedral Court Title

In King Arthur: Knight's Tale, your Heroes that are listed listed within the Round Table party can be given a Court Title for the Cathedral Building. By doing so, a certain effect can be activated for using the Cathedral. Take note that the Hero you've chosen to give the Court Title must be in the Round Table party, if you move the Hero to the Idle Party, their current Court Title will be revoked. You can place any hero you want at any given time, but it is best to look at the Trait of the hero and give them the title that best suits them.

  • Master of Faith: Injury treatment cost is reduced by 10% for the quick treatment.


Cathedral Upgrades

Listed below are the following upgrades that can be unlocked for the Cathedral:

Upgrade Gold Resources Effect
Expansion 1 500 500 Unlocks the 2nd Hero Slot.
Herbalists 2000 --

Requires: Expansion 1

Potion effects last +1 Round during Encounters.

Expansion 2 1000 1000

Requires: Expansion 1.

Unlocks the 3rd Hero Slot.

Life Elixir 3000 --

Requires: Expansion 2

Injury treatment also heals some Vitality.

Expansion 3 1500 1500

Requires: Expansion 2.

Unlocks the 4th Hero Slot.

Tough Body 4000 --

Requires: Expansion 3

Every current and prospective Hero gains +1 Injury Token.

Healing Friars -- --

Requires: Christian 3

Injury treatment time is reduced by 1 Mission (to a minimum of 1 mission) for the free treatment.

Liquid Powder 1000 --

Using Potions cost no AP during the encounters.


Morality Affecting the Cathedral

  • Christian Morality Level 3 Unlocks Healing Friars Upgrade: Injury treatment time is reduced by 1 Mission (to a minimum of 1 mission) for the free treatment.


Cathedral Notes & Tips

  • This building is featured in Early Access.
  • Cathedral King Arthur: Knight's Tale Notes, Tips, and other Trivia.


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