Training Ground

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Gold 500
Building Resources 500
No. of Upgrades 8
Court Title Master of Arms

Training Ground is a Building in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Training Ground requires 500 Gold and 500 Building Resources for it to be unlocked. Camelot and its buildings can only be accessed in the World Map of Avalon where you choose which Mission to take and view the stats or change equipment for your Heroes. Each building within Camelot requires a certain amount of Gold and Building Resources to unlock them.


An old saying goes, "rather a thousand drops of sweat in training than one drop of blood in combat." On the Training Grounds, your knights can hone their martial skills and prepare for the next battle.


Training Ground Information

  • Required Gold: 500
  • Required Building Resources: 500
  • Number of available upgrades: 8
  • Requires the Merchant building/shop to be unlocked first in order to rebuild the Training Ground.
  • Heroes can now be left at the training grounds while players continue to their adventures. This will allow them to continue to gain XP and keep up with the Heroes on Missions.
  • You can send a Hero to train for free without any costs, and as you complete a Mission, the hero that is training gains XP. You can always pull them out anytime from training, and when you do, the accumulated XP will be applied to the hero.
  • Knight's Tournament is where you can send your Heroes who only have a minimum of 2 levels lower than the Hero with the Highest Level participate on a Joust. An entry fee of Gold is required for the Hero to join. By doing so, the Hero automatically levels up upon completing the Joust.


Training Ground Court Title

In King Arthur: Knight's Tale, your Heroes that are listed listed within the Round Table party can be given a Court Title for the Training Grounds. By doing so, a certain effect can be activated for using the Training Grounds. Take note that the Hero you've chosen to give the Court Title must be in the Round Table party, if you move the Hero to the Idle Party, their current Court Title will be revoked. You can place any hero you want at any given time, but it is best to look at the Trait of the hero and give them the title that best suits them.

  • Master of Arms: The training cost is reduced by 10%.


Training Ground Upgrades

Listed below are the following upgrades that can be unlocked for the Training Grounds:

Upgrade Gold Resources Effect
Expansion 1 500 500 Unlocks the 2nd Hero slot.
Expansion 2 1000 1000

Requires: Expansion 1

Unlocks the 3rd Hero slot.

Expansion 3 1500 1500

Requires: Expansion 2

Unlocks the 4th Hero slot.

Barracks 2000 --

Requires: Expansion 1

+1 Skill Point to all current and prospective Champion and Defender Heroes.

Archery Range 3000 --

Requires: Expansion 2

+1 Skill Point to all current and prospective Marksman and Vanguard Heroes.

Advanced Physical Training 4000 --

Requires: Expansion 3

+10% permanent HP for every current and prospective Hero.

Training Dummy 1000 --

Training grants +10% XP per mission for the free training.

Basic Physical Training 1000 --

+2 permanent HP for every current and prospective Hero.


Morality Affecting the Training Ground

  • Required Morality: Description
  • Required Morality: Description


Training Ground Notes & Tips

  • This building is featured in Early Access.
  • Training Grounds King Arthur: Knight's Tale Notes, Tips, and other Trivia.


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