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Gold n/a
Building Resources n/a
No. of Upgrades n/a

Crypt is a Building in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Crypt requires does not require any Gold or Building Resources for it to be unlocked, but instead, it only requires the player to rebuild Camelot or The Round Table. Camelot and its buildings can only be accessed in the World Map of Avalon where you choose which Mission to take and view the stats or change equipment for your Heroes. Each building within Camelot requires a certain amount of Gold and Building Resources to unlock them.


This godforsaken place is where your fallen Heroes resting and rotting away. When you lost somebody during battles, visit this place and click on their tombstones to pay respects to the heroic dead.


Crypt Information

  • Required Gold: n/a
  • Required Building Resources: n/a
  • Number of available upgrades: n/a
  • Automatically unlocks together with rebuilding Camelot.
  • The event to rebuild Camelot occurs through story progression after completing the Main Mission: Among the Ruins.
  • The Crypt was previously known as the Burial Grounds. Players can pay respects to their fallen Heroes here.


Crypt Upgrades

Listed below are the following upgrades that can be unlocked for the Crypt:

  • The Crypt does not have any upgrades



Morality Affecting the Crypt

  • Morailty does not affect or unlock any upgrades for the Crypt.



Crypt Notes & Tips

  • ???
  • Notes, tips, and other trivia.


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