Enchanted Tower

Gold 500
Building Resources 500
No. of Upgrades __upgrades__

Enchanted Tower is a Building in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Enchanted Tower requires 500 Gold and 500 Building Resources for it to be unlocked. Camelot and its buildings can only be accessed in the World Map of Avalon where you choose which Mission to take and view the stats or change equipment for your Heroes. Each building within Camelot requires a certain amount of Gold and Building Resources to unlock them.


This mysterious tower is an isolated, yet important place dedicated to the mystical arts of magic. By tapping into the arcane energies of Avalon you can remove curses from you knights and gain forbidden knowledge from magical items.


Enchanted Tower Information

  • Required Gold: 500
  • Required Building Resources: 500
  • Number of available upgrades: __upgrades__
  • The Enhanted Tower is used to take away any lingering curses from your Heroes. Gold can be used to speed up the process. In order to begin Reconstruction, Hospice is requred.


Enchanted Tower Upgrades

Listed below are the following upgrades that can be unlocked for the Enchanted Tower:

  • Upgrade 1: Description of the upgrade
  • Upgrade 2: Description of the upgrade



Morality Affecting the Enchanted Tower

  • Required Morality: Description
  • Required Morality: Description



Enchanted Tower Notes & Tips


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