A rightful morality, those who believe that justice and the law will prevail. Actions that are heroic, right, lawful, and just contribute to being Rightful.

Rightful is a Morality Alignment and Personality in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The Morality Chart significantly changes gameplay, story, and adds some features depending on the actions that you do in the game. Players can find that the Morality Chart represents "Rightfulness and Tyranny", while the other represents "Old Faith and Christianity". As you start your adventure, you will be facing scenarios that will force you to decide on how to approach the situation, reflecting on the type of king you are.


Rightful Related Events

Listed below are the following Quests or Events that contribute to this alignment:

  • End of Prologue, do not take the throne after defeating Sir Tewelyn.
  • End of Among the Ruins, choose to recruit marauders as your henchmen.


Rightful Unlocked Features

Every choice you make will be represented on the Morality Chart. You can unlock morality abilities and Heroes that are unique to that alignment. On the vertical axis, your alignment can go from being a Rightful Ruler to a Reckless TYrant, on the horizontal, it can range from being a devout Christian to being the follower of the Old-Faith. The choice is yours!

Required Morality & Points Unlocked Feature
Rightful - 4 Unlocks Sir Leodegrance for recruitment.
Rightful - 8 Unlocks Medicines for building development. (Vitality healing is increased by 25% per mission).
Rightful - 13 Unlocks Sir Lancelot for recruitment.
Rightful - 18 Unlocks the Restocking Law. (All shops are restocked faster).
Rightful - 5
Old-Faith - 5
Unlocks the Arcane Blessings Decree. (Performing an arcane ritual will make your heroes suffer less harm, but it will cost more).
Rightful - 9
Old-Faith - 9
Unlocks Sir Yvain for recruitment.
Rightful - 14
Old-Faith - 14
Unlocks the Potion of Valon Decree. (An expensive, but potent concoction will make your heroes fight harder).
Rightful - 5
Christian - 5
Unlocks the Feast Decree. (A great feast will let your heroes heal and rest).
Rightful - 9
Christian - 9
Unlocks Sir Lucan for recruitment.
Rightful - 14
Christian - 14
Unlocks the Potion of Valon Decree. (An expensive, but potent concoction will make your heroes fight harder).



Rightful Featured Heroes

Listed below are the following Heroes that are aligned with this morality.


Rightful Notes & Tips

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