Restful Sigil of Evasion

Relic Sigil for Light Armour

restful sigil of evasion relic light armour king arthur knights tale wiki guide
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Dodge the first incoming Attack of each Encounter.

Gain +1 AP during the first Encounter after a Rest.

Restful Sigil of Evasion is an Armour in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Armour is categorized into three types, Light, Medium, and Heavy, and each weapon has a rarity of starting, common, uncommon, and rare. It is important to take note that various types of armor cannot be used by all Heroes, but it can only be equipped by certain Classes.


Restful Sigil of Evasion Information

  • Sell Price: 262
  • Armour Type: Relic Light Armour
  • Armour Rarity: Rare


Restful Sigil of Evasion Class Requirement

Restful Sigil of Evasion can only be equipped by the following Classes:


Where to find Restful Sigil of Evasion

Note: Equipment and Items obtained as loot and acquired as a reward for completing missions are random.

  • Can be purchased from the Merchant if it is available in the shop's inventory. The Merchant's inventory changes daily.


Restful Sigil of Evasion Notes & Tips

  • ???
  • Restful Sigil of Evasion King Arthur: Knight's Tale Notes, tips, and other Trivia.


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