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There are those who believe in the religion of the ancient tribes and fey folk. Actions such as preserving the ancient relics and supporting the religion contribute to becoming a firm believer of ancient religion.

Old Faith is a Morality Alignment and Personality in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The Morality Chart significantly changes gameplay, story, and adds some features depending on the actions that you do in the game. Players can find that the Morality Chart represents "Rightfulness and Tyranny", while the other represents "Old Faith and Christianity". As you start your adventure, you will be facing scenarios that will force you to decide on how to approach the situation, reflecting on the type of king you are.


Old Faith Related Events

Listed below are the following Quests or Events that contribute to this alignment:


Old Faith Unlocked Features

Every choice you make will be represented on the Morality Chart. You can unlock morality abilities and Heroes that are unique to that alignment. On the vertical axis, your alignment can go from being a Rightful Ruler to a Reckless TYrant, on the horizontal, it can range from being a devout Christian to being the follower of the Old-Faith. The choice is yours!

Required Morality & Points Unlocked Feature
Old-Faith - 3 Unlocks Ancient Method building development for the Enchanted Tower.
Old-Faith - 7 Unlocks a mission with Sir Bedievere for recruitment.
Old-Faith - 13 Unlocks a mission with Lady Morgana le Fay for recruitment.
Old-Faith - 18 Unlocks the Elite Training Law at The Round Table.
Rightful - 5
Old-Faith - 5
Unlocks the Reforge Armour Decree at The Round Table.
Rightful - 8
Old-Faith - 8
Unlocks a mission with Sir Geraint for recruitment.
Rightful - 10
Old-Faith - 4
Arcane: Upgrades for the Enchanted Tower cost -20% Gold and Building Resources.
Rightful - 16
Old-Faith - 7
Stalwart: +20% MEntal Debuff Resist to all Rightful or Old-Faith heroes.
Rightful - 5
Old-Faith - 15
Keen: Heroes receive double XP from events.
Rightful - 14
Old-Faith - 14
Unlocks the Old Faith Ritual Decree at The Round Table.
Tyrant - 5
Old-Faith - 5
Unlocks the Restock Goods Decree at The Round Table.
Tyrant - 8
Old-Faith - 8
Unlocks a mission with Sir Dagonet for recruitment.
Tyrant - 4
Old-Faith - 10
Haggler: Item buying cost at the Merchant is reduced by 10%.
Tyrant - 7
Old-Faith - 16
Vanquisher: Tyrant and Old-Faith heroes gain additional 2 Loyalty due to the Ruler's Morality.
Tyrant - 15
Old-Faith - 5
Relic Smasher: +20% Relic Dust gained from Sacrificed items in the Enchanted Tower.
Tyrant - 14
Old-Faith - 14
Unlocls the Wartime Levies Decree at The Round Table.



Old Faith Featured Heroes

Listed below are the following Heroes that are aligned with this morality.


Old Faith Notes & Tips

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