Wayside Chapels

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Wayside Chapels is an Event in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Completing these events can yield special bonuses and rewards and the choices you make will ultimately affect certain features like the Morality Chart and the loyalty for the heroes that have joined the Round Table, some choices grants bonuses and some have consequences.


I have to keep an eye on Sir Tegyr, whose dedication to the Lord can lead to remarkable suggestions. This time I've been told that I should follow the divine inspiration and expand the wayside shrines into chapels to praise the one true God. Wasteful it may sound, but it can't deny the power of faith.


How to Discover the Wayside Chapels Event

A player must meet these conditions in order to trigger this event:


Wayside Chapels Event Location


Wayside Chapels Event Choices

This event will expire after completing 2 missions regardless if it's a main or side mission after it's been available.

  • Rebuild the wayside shrines into chapels. This will increase Sir Tegyr's loyalty by 2. (Requires 200 Building Resources)
  • Reject the idea. This will decrease Sir Tegyr's loyalty by 2.
  • christian morality personality king arthur knights tale wiki guide 136px (+1 Christian) Build the chapels and recruit the deacons. This will increase all of your Christian Heroes' loyalty by 1. (Requires 500 Gold and 200 Building Resources)


Wayside Chapels Event Notes, Tips, & Trivia

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