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Passive Skill

When an Enemy hits the Hero, the Hero gains +10% Weapon Damage against that Enemy until the end of the Encounter.

Vengeance is a Champion Skill in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Active Skills are various actions that are used in combat, an active skill can either used as an offensive tactic to damage and inflict negative status ailments against Enemies or it can also be used to support yourself and your allies such as recovering HP or providing buffs and different effects. Passive Skills, on the other hand, grant permanent buffs and effects to the hero's stats and overall performance.


Vengeance Information


Vengeance List of Masteries

  • Berserk: The Hero gains +2 AP if they have no HP.
  • Avenger:  The Hero starts their Turn with +1 AP if they received at least 2 Hits during the Enemy Turn.
  • Frenzy: The less HP the Hero has, the more Weapon Damage the Hero deals. The Hero gains +30% Weapon Damage with no HP left.
  • Combat Fever: The Hero gains +2 Unbreakable Armour while they have no HP.


How to Unlock Vengeance

To find the skills, click on the portrait of the Hero (Character) in the World Map.

  • This skill requires 2 SP (Skill Points) for it to be unlocked.
  • Vengeance is a skill that can be found under the Heroes: Sir KaySir Balan


Vengeance Notes & Tips

  • Vengeance King Arthur: Knight's Tale Notes, tips, and other trivia.



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