Trophy & Achievement Guide for King Arthur: Knight's Tale covers information that indicates a list of all the trophies and/or achievements that can be obtained in order to achieve a platinum or 100% completion rate for PC, PlayStation┬«5, and Xbox Series X. Players can find information on how to obtain the following trophies/achievements that are listed below.


Knight's Tale Trophy & Achievement Guide

Achievement Name 
Knights of the Half Moon Find and Recruit 6 Hero Companions.
Treasure Hunter Find a hidden treasure.
 Disciples of the Four Branches Complete a mission with 4 different classes.
Get Lost!  Finish an encounter with at least 4 Lost enemies awaiting resurrection.
Frugal Knights  Complete a mission without using Potions, Shrines, Scrolls, or Campfires (except tutorial missions).
Surprise Party  Apply 4 backstab attacks in a single turn.
Explorer of Avalon   Complete 10 side missions.
Ultra-Heavy  Reach 150 HP with Sir Mordred.
Ready to Fight Equip a character with Relic items in every slot (except potions).
Field Day Complete a mission without any of your heroes losing HP or Vitality (except tutorial missions).
Crypt? What Crypt? Complete the main story with less than 3 heroes in the Crypt.
The Very Purpose of a Knight Reach level 25 with one Hero.
I Shall Bere Your Noble Fame Reach level 25 with 6 Heroes.
Knights of the Round Table Find and Recruit 12 Hero Companions.
Alright... We'l Call it a Draw Bring the Black Knight to a mission with damaged Vitality and at least 2 permanent injuries.
A Person of Principle Reach maximum points in one of the four Moralities.
A Second Chance Resurrect a Hero from the Crypt.
It's Only a Model Build all available buildings in Camelot.
Master Builder Unlock all upgrades for a building in Camelot.
Wisdom is Better Acquire 10,000 gold.
One Brick at a Time Acquire 5,000 building resources.
Decisions, Decisions Complete 30 events.
A Powerful Trinket Purchase a Relic item at the Enchanted Tower.
A Penny Knight Sell items worth 10,000 gold at the Merchant.
Forever a Trainee Level up a hero consecutively 3 times in the Training Ground.
'Tis but a Scratch! Apply Burning, Poison, Chill, Slow, and Bleeding effects on one enemy.
Master of the Elements Kill a frozen enemy with fire-based skills or attacks.
Cleave It To Me Kill 3 enemies at once with a Cleave.
It's a Trap! Kill an enemy in its own round after triggering 3 traps.
None Shall Pass Win duels with 4 different heroes.
Out of My Way! Deal 100 damage with one attack.
Overwatcher Kill 5 enemies with Overwatch attack in a single encounter.
Bully King Kill an enemy which received damage from all of your Heroes in the same turn (with min. LvL 2 Heroes).
AvaLAN Party Finish a PvP match.
Fire Walk With Me Kill at least 5 enemies at the same time with the Arcanist's Fire Blast skill.
Bloodbath Make 5 enemies bleeding at the same round
Floor Sweep Knockdown an enemy then apply two knockbacks on the same enemy in one turn.
Fortune Favors Fools Miss 3 ranged attacks in a single turn.
One Step Ahead Kill an enemy performing a surprise attack with an overwatch attack.
Just a Flesh Wound Complete a mission with 4 injured Heroes.
My Life for Camelot Bring 3 injured heroes to a mission.
Team Arrowhead Complete a mission with only Marksmans in the party.
Conqueror of Avalon Kill 1,000 enemies in Avalon.
See the Consequences Complete the game in Roguelite mode.
Savior of Avalon Complete 25 side missions.
Valiant Defender Don't let the Guardian Spirit lose any HP on the Forbidden Keep mission.
Just a Rotting Corpse Kill Sir Tewelyn 4 times.

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