The Return (The Chained God) is a Main Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The Return (The Chained God) mission is part of The Chained God DLC and it is located at the Catacombs. The player's main objective will be to escape the Catacombs and regain all Abilities and Skills. You'll be playing as Regan, Balor's champion. Completing this mission unlocks the next Main Mission Balor's Might. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information

  • Previous: n/a
  • Next: Balor's Might
  • Recommended Level: lvl 1
  • Bosses: Lady Shael


The Return (The Chained God) Map

[map coming soon]


NPCs in the Area

  • n/a


  • Lady Shael



  • Bonus Reward: Vitality, Stomp Ability, Ice Cleave Skill, Call Rock Skill

Building Resources

  • n/a

Recruitable Heroes

  • n/a



Enemy Type: Seelie, Cursed Vassal, The Brigands



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Full The Return (The Chained God) Walkthrough

Main Mission Introduction

"Ages ago, Balor, the One-Eyed God, the deity of the monstrous Fomorians was banished by the Tuatha de Dannan into the emptiness of the Void, the non-space between the worlds of all creation.

Still, even in his otherworldly prison he has been far from helpless. Balor has been plotting his return for a very long time, reaching out to his believers and adepts through visions, subtly and patiently manipulating mortals during centuries.

You are Baloor's champion. You have been slumbering in your timeless sleep beyond the world, but now you are awake. You have been summoned. A strange sensation is pulling you back from the emptiness straight towards the churring seas of the Otherworld - to the mystical island of Avalon, where you once fought against the Lady of the Lake in Balor's Army."

Main Mission Completed Description

"You must set your path to free your master who was entrapped upon arrival by the Sidhe"

The Return (The Chained God) Main Mission Objectives

  • Regan must survive.
  • Escape the Catacombs.
  • Regain your Vitality

Events that occur during the Main Mission, The Return (The Chained God).

Event Title: n/a

  • n/a


The beginning of the mission shows a group of worshippers trying to awaken your playable character, Regan. The group is intercepted by The Brigands forces but was able to awaken you just in time. The wizard of The Brigands says thatthey are too late and that he'll be bringing in more warriors to hold you off. 

Once you're able to control Regan, you'll be starting off with very low health. But not to worry, The Brigands forces that you first encounter are very weak, you can take them out with one hit. You'll next have head North and roam the catacomb to regain your skills and vitality. After regaining your skills, you'll be approached by two Highwayman and 3 Scout. You can easily beat these foes by letting them line up near and hitting them all at once. After the battle ends, head northwest to regain 200  vitality from the pile of bodies. Then go too the southeast corner to gain the Stomp ability. 

Upon gaining the Stomp ability, head northwest in the room that you're currently in and retrieve the Cleave skill from the glowing purple orb. You'll be surrounded by another set of enemies which consists of the Blackthorn Knight, 2 Manhunter, 5 Highwayman, and 3 Scout. The enemies are weak compared to you, so battle them in whichever way you like. You can get another set of 200 vitality ny returning to the center room and heading north.

To get the rest of your powers, just head back to the center room and head to the Southeast and Northeast corners. You'll eventually get your Armour skill and another set of 200 vitality. The last skill that you have to retrieve is located in the southwest part of a room where you'll be confronted by two enemy groups. The first group consists of 1 Druid, 2 Highwayman, and 4 Scout. While the other group consists of 2 Scout and 5 Blackthorn Knights. The druid will only summon a Seelie Lord which is very easy to kill using the Stomp Skill. After the battle, retrieve the last skill which is Call Rock.

Keep heading North until you reach a room where you need to replenish your Vitality from a pile of bodies. The room will be guarded by Sir Gowyr and Sir Anwas. They'll also be accompanied by 3 Elite Guard and 6 Arbalist. Don't worry, you can still withstand the attacks of the two named knights, so take them out first and it should be easy to dispose of the remaining enemies. You can now go ahead and replenish your Vitality from the pile of bodies.

You can get your remaining Vitality by heading west to the final room of the catacombs. This is where you'll have to battle Lady Shael. She will be summoning 3 Crystal Gates and The Seelie reinforcements, so it's better to take the gates out first quick as well as the seelie to keep the battle between you and Lady Shael. Once she's alone, you can use Stomp to quickly defeat her. Once defeated, head south to collect the remaining Vitality that you need.





The Return (The Chained God) Map

Map Coming Soon





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