The Chained God

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Name The Chained God
Release Date June 23, 2022
Genre Turn-Based Tactical, RPG
Platforms PC
Xbox Series X
Price Free
Developer NeocoreGames
Publisher NeocoreGames

The Chained God is an upcoming DLC or a free seasonal content update for King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The Chained God DLC that is published and developed by NeocoreGames is the first major update for the dark fantasy RPG, it adds a short story mini-campaign that focuses on the Fomorian, Balor, the God-King, telling his journey of freeing himself from the shackles that bind him. The new DLC is set to release on June 23, 2022 and it will be available on PC, Xbox Series X|S. and PlayStation 5


The Chained God Game Story Overview

In The Chained God players will take up the role and play as the mighty Fomorians, the brutal and terrifying giants of Avalon - the main enemy faction of the Knights of the Round Table. The update features a brand-new chain of short story missions focused on these mystical creatures, introducing new gameplay, new items and expanding the lore.


The Chained God Game Features

  • Revamped Endgame

Endgame will be reworked in the future patch, and will function similarly to Seasons in other games. The Fomorians are the new enemy faction for The Chained God's season DLC. Endgame will feature a lot of maps, with 12 of them pitting players against the season's primary antagonists. Seasonal currency will be available to swap for rewards and enchants.

  • Bug and Balance Fixes

Bugs and balance issues that were reported by players are also being addressed. This shall give players fewer difficulty spikes in the campaign no matter what difficulty.

  • Mystery Guest

Finally, expect a surprise guest appearance with this update, who has been teased as someone players may recognize. The Steam version of the patch will be available on June 23rd.


The Chained God New Content

New Characters

  • Balor, The God-King
  • Regan, The Champioon
  • Brurag


New Locations

  • Catacombs


New Enemies

  • Fomorians


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